3 Lazy Ways to Keep Fit

3 Lazy Ways to Getting Fit



You have been the resident object of “fat” jokes for as long as you remember.  In every gathering, intimate or otherwise, your humungous build has drawn knowing glances and discreet smirks of numerous guests.  Now, you want all that to change!  


You want to be healthier, sexier and more confident.  The problem is, you just can’t seem to jumpstart your exercise routine.  You ask yourself, “Are there game plans to get lean the easy way?” Well, surprisingly, there is.


It was built in such a way that you wouldn’t have to castigate yourself by enrolling in a punishing gym program, only to drop out a few weeks later.  This “get lean the easy way” habit is sure to trim those flabs in a painless manner.  Want to know more?  Read on.    


  • Chuck guilty pleasures. Nicotine, caffeine and chocolates are the big three in the list.  Yes, smoking is stimulating.  It is the nicotine which makes it so addictive, but it has a major drawback. It constricts your blood vessels, thereby making it more difficult for you to tolerate physical workouts.  Another bad guy is caffeine.  Taken in excess, it can disrupt your body clock leading you to stay awake for an extended period of time.  The longer your peepers are open, the more you realize you are not doing anything productive so you turn to your comfort food for gratification. However, do not discontinue your coffee intake abruptly.  Do it gradually to avoid the so-called withdrawal syndrome. The third enemy is the sinfully delicious array of chocolate bars. They should be taken in moderation, at most two bars in one week.  They are not meant to replace the lunch you missed earlier in the day.


  • Choose healthier options Instead of munching on junk food loaded with calories, reach for tasty fruits and vegetables like apple, banana, celery sticks and cabbage.  Contrary to popular misconceptions, eating vegetables or salads will not turn you into a goat.  In fact, you will feel fuller much longer because they are fiber-rich.  This is an effective technique to get lean the easy way.


  • Try water therapy The importance of being constantly well hydrated can never be overemphasized. The requisite 8-10 glasses of water should be the norm in your everyday life.  Some studies even show that most people tend to equate thirst with hunger, causing them to pack on excess pounds.


So there you have it!  Apply these three “get lean the lazy way” tips and you are on your way to fitness.