5 Steps To Overcome Loneliness

5 Steps To Overcome Loneliness



Let me ask you a personal question. Have you ever felt alone?


Sometimes, it seems like the earth is a weird place to be in. You find yourself in the midst of the city with representatives of humanity around you. Yet, despite a life surrounded by people, you have this gnawing sense of emptiness and realize you are actually alone.


Suddenly, you are shaken to your core with the realization of being alone and lonely. Emptiness looms within you at that particular moment. The enormous number of people milling all around you presents a stark contrast to the barren feeling you have within.


Snap yourself out of this!  Why go through loneliness when something can be done to overcome the gloomy feeling?


Overcome loneliness by knowing its origins. Loneliness brings deep emotional pain; and if you are experiencing this intermittently, you have to take steps to correct it. Perhaps the following words will help you unearth the root of loneliness and address it effectively.




This is the first step in overcoming loneliness. Covering up, disguising, or denying just to make it appear as though it is not affecting you will only aggravate the situation. It is okay to admit that loneliness has taken over your life, but you must resolve to eliminate it by all positive means.




Perhaps you are lonely because you choose to be. Life offers us choices, including the choice to be happy or lonely. It is possible that you are dispirited because of your lifestyle. Reexamine repetitive and daily activities.


Change routine activities that cause boredom and loneliness. Sitting alone in one corner of your study room doing nothing may seem harmless. You may be looking for some peace or quiet moment. What makes this simple activity precarious is when your idle mind starts wondering about gloomy thoughts.


Change the mood of the room by playing soft music that will still provide the peace and quiet you are looking for, but at the same time, preempt the lonely mood. Let the sun shine in you room. Open those drapes. Uplifting music and a well-illuminated room will help you get out of the rut.


Past experiences

Dwelling on past experiences such as being rejected by others or lack of attention is a possible cause of that downcast spirit. What is done is done, and yesteryears cannot be recalled for correction.


The emotional vacuum created as a result of past experiences can be filled-up by lessons gained from past. If you experienced lack of attention from parents during childhood years, correct this by giving attention to your offspring. In doing this, you strengthen your relationship with them.


As you give affection and attention to others, you will feel valued, as your deeds will surely be appreciated. When you feel needed, loneliness creeps away.



An idle mind breeds loneliness. Keep your life in active mode. Volunteering is a remarkable way to counteract loneliness. Benefits of volunteerism work two ways. You zap away gloom, while you help others. On the other hand, physical activity promotes emotional well being.


Are you still lonely?


Renew your links with the Universal Force. He knows what you want and what you need. By Himself, He is already the solution to your loneliness. You can rely on His promise that He will provide in the right time. He will work through your thoughts and you will find the solution you are seeking for to mend loneliness.