5 Ways to Bid Sleeplessness Goodnight

5 Ways to Bid Sleeplessness Goodnight



Have you ever spent two hours in complete limbo at the mercy of wrinkled sheets and your preoccupied mind? Have you ever tried counting sheep? Not to mention poodles, dinosaurs, eagles, roaches and frogs until you’ve had enough to create a little zoo inside your head?


Alas! You’re neither in-love nor insane.


The naughty culprit…? INSOMNIA.


Rather than be deprived of that beauty sleep, read my suggestions below, and I promise…it has nothing to do with counting sheep.


  • I know I might sound like your mother, but yes, DRINK YOUR MILK. There’s nothing as sleep-inducing as a warm glass of milk before shut-eye time. Milk contains tryptophan which contains serotonin, a substance that produces relaxation. It’s the total opposite of coffee. While coffee is a stimulant, milk is a depressant. It calms your nerves and eventually puts you to sleep without a hitch.


  • Create a good “ambiance”. Think of sleeping as a luxury. Wouldn’t it be nice to dream away in a clean, comfortable bed, with the lights dimmed, and soft music lulling you to sleep? Remember, you can sleep better if you’re in a relaxed mood in a restful atmosphere. So change those 3-week old sheets, pamper your bed, throw in linens of Egyptian cotton if you can afford it! After all, it is worth waking up with a smile after a good night’s sleep.


  • Say no to Stimmies! Yes, I know…there’s nothing quite like a cup of your favorite brew to greet the morning with every day. But if you’re the coffee-craving freak who runs on 3 cups of caffeine per day, then by all means…QUIT. Not only is it a stimulant, it is also a diuretic, which means those frequent trips to the john can cause your sleeplessness as well.

The other usual suspects aside from coffee include soda and         sweets… so before you munch on that Willie Wonka bar or sip that ice-cold Coke for your 4 o’clock snack, think again.


  • Cool off with something “hot” Sorry to burst your balloon, but I’m not talking dirty…yet. Step into a hot shower just before hitting the sheets. Research recommends that a rise in body temperature followed by a natural decline of it induces sleepiness. After warming up, slip into your comfiest clothes and kiss the night away.


  • Think of nothing. Not even sheep… It’s vital to completely empty your thoughts before you call it a night. Think of sleep and nothing else. Relax. Breathe. If it helps, do a mantra of some sort. Slow, steady breathing relaxes you and gets you ready more than any bedtime story ever written.


So the next time you feel like a groggy half-asleep, half-awake creature yearning for some real sleep, stick to the easy steps I’ve suggested and you’ll wake up refreshed and energized to face the new day.