5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Co Worker

5 Ways to Deal with a Negative Co-worker



You have had it up to here, and you are putting your foot down.  Your workplace will no longer be a cesspool of bad vibrations from negative colleagues.


For too long, these emotional vampires had you at their mercy.  They strike at anyone with a pulse and blast their poor victims with a steady blast of fiery criticisms and complaints.  You are committed to exorcise these demons of pessimism out of the office.  


How to handle attitude problems expressed in different ways?  Just employ these strategies and release a positive stream of good vibrations to see the surprising change.


  • Recognize the culprit. This is very important because you do not want to mutate into a member of the Inquisition out on a rabid witch hunt or lynching spree.  Knowing who is emitting the negative energy in the office will help you deal with the concerned person better.  Be on guard if other employees' performances have been affected that their morale is already below sea level.  


  • Know the cause of the negative attitude.  You do not have to be an internationally-renowned psychic to know the other person's source of negativity.  A series of tactful questions or a heart-to-heart communication will suffice.  Empathize with the other person to find the root of his bad feelings.


  • Help the person take responsibility for his actions.  After you figure out where the anger is coming from, help him take charge of his actions.    If he feels that he has the right to express himself in a certain way which contradicts the company's vision, convince him that his behavior is inappropriate for the workplace and if possible explain the rationale behind it.  Most of the time,these people only need a thorough explanation in order to reform.


  • Kick the negative reaction out of the door.  It is often said that bad habits are harder to ditch than   imbibing a positive behavior.  To some, it may seem insurmountable that they prefer to stick with their old shells and refuse to turn over a new leaf.  This is the coward's way out.


You know you are not a coward and you can implement reforms needed in your life.  If your opponent is unable to change his bad habits, then encourage him to replace it with a more acceptable one.  Maybe you can tell him, in simple terms,  that his good qualities are overshadowed by his negative ways.  This way, he'll go into an introspective mode and realize that indeed, he is acting out of bounds.


  • Be an exemplary model. Nothing beats negativity than a role model exuding positive vibrations..  Through your action and behavior, your officemates will realize that the optimists are winners while the pessimists are losers.