5 Ways to Master Office Politics

5 Ways to Master Office Politics



Office politics has long been synonymous with gossiping and backstabbing. But the fact of the matter is, you have a choice to engage or not engage in office politics.


Believe it or not, office politics is similar to a game. There are hard and fast rules. Unfortunately, there are no magical ways to remove office politics.


However, there are ways to minimize office politics. There really are ways to keep the office environment light, friendly, as well as harmless.  


The following are ways to master office politics:


Talk with office people

Work is about work and that is a fact. However, people make the work possible. An impersonal work environment actually breeds resentment and dissatisfaction.  


As much as possible, it is always a good idea to talk to your fellow co-workers. E-mail communication is for those who are not in the office.  


Talking to people suggests an idea that you are making an effort to talk and communicate.  


Take note that isolation is one of the great methods for you to be overlooked by the powers-that-be in the office. When you simply refuse to take part in the workplace, you could possibly be setting yourself up to be a gossip subject or a scapegoat of office trivial issues.  


So try not to become a lonely outsider. Practice the art of effective communication.


Say goodbye to gossip

It is always tempting to gossip, as well as to listen on it. However, the best way to keep your cool is to zipper your mouth.  


Think about it, would you prefer your name being circulated as the person who revealed the dirt on a co-worker or the one who likes to tell somebody’s secret?  


If have a grudge towards a specific person, it is not advisable to smear his reputation.


As much as possible, do not take sides. A divided workplace is a breeding ground for low productivity and morale.


Try not to complain

Complaining is irrelevant, especially if it is not followed up by a constructive suggestion.  


Like a bad habit, complaints drag everyone’s mood. Bosses prefer those who solve problems and not just seek them.  


If you cannot solve a problem, try not to be a part of the problem.


Keep the peace

During rough moments, act as a peacekeeper. Try to remain objective. Decide base on facts and information available to you.  


If there is a worker who is particularly out for vengeance or blood, try to approach that person and politely ask his concerns.  


Try to help in finding the solution and not inflame them.


Look way ahead

Business is fast and deadlines are a lot faster. It is easy therefore to see work as an endless series of outputs with no meaningful finish.  


Take note that this is a trap. Be optimistic. Try to tell yourself that this too shall pass.  


All in all, office politics is there but it is still your choice whether you would allow it to rule your work life. The decision is yours.