7 Attitudes That Lead To Depression

Beware Of 7 Attitudes That Lead To Depression



Are you feeling down? Do feel a sense of hopelessness in your life?  Do you feel depressed?


Depressive moods result from engaging in negative thoughts. Negative thoughts are triggered and reinforced by certain attitudes. Get to know what these attitudes are and find out how to curb them.


Extreme perfectionism. Some people are inclined to be perfectionists. Actually, there is nothing wrong in aiming for perfection. It becomes wrong when you feel miserable and disgusted with yourself if things didn’t turn out as planned. This feeling of misery is coupled with a sense of guilt. However, why must you feel bad every time you fall short of perfection? Remember, nobody is perfect.


Pessimism. Think of it this way: Nobody stays at the bottom all the time. Sometimes, you may be up, other times you are at the bottom. They say that life is like a wheel: it turns. Become an optimist and believe that every thing happens for a reason and that life can change for the better. It always does.


Desire for control. Realize that there are things you can change and there are things you cannot. Look at life on the positive side and try to be the best you can. Instead of trying to gain control over uncontrollable circumstances (which is actually impossible in the first place), work on controlling your response to changes in your life.


Tendency to take on the blame. When somebody blames you for his mistakes or faults, do you feel bad about yourself?  Even if you know you are innocent, do you take it personally? If you answered yes, you have to change this mentality.


Refuse to be disturbed emotionally. Shield yourself from remarks and accusations that are untrue. Assess the person making the accusation and the blame. He may be doing it just to save his skin and is only making you as a scapegoat. Ignore him and move into something worth your time.


Laziness. In business, there is such a thing called “due diligence.” Sometimes people are too lazy to check and double check information that they come up with wrong decisions that can severely affect their reputation, current position, or line of work.


Gather enough information first, segregate which are facts and which are not; thereafter, you can come up with a better conclusion. Take the extra effort and do not be lazy.


Inability to accept and give appreciation. You praise a lady for her nice clothes and she responds, “Oh, this is an old dress handed down to me by my sister!”  Learn to graciously give and accept praises. Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of being appreciated. Learn to express gratitude.


Distrust.  This includes the inability to establish meaningful relationships with other people. It is difficult to establish friendship if you distrust majority of the people around you. Friends are extremely valuable in life. Having friends around you during bouts of depression can help ease the feeling.


There you have it – the 7 attitudes that fuel despair and misery. Be on guard against these attitudes and protect yourself from depression.