7 Steps To Peak Mental Condition

Seven Steps To Peak Mental Condition



A couple of days ago, I had a conversation with a fitness expert.  He argued, “If we can build gyms for our bodies, why don’t we have a gym for our minds. I dunno, some sort of a mental gym?”


If the body needs regular exercise to keep it in peak condition, the mind also needs exercise. Just how do you exercise your mind? What kind of exercises do you have to do to build mental strength?


Step 1. A wonderful way to exercise the mind is by reading books. Books have the capacity to expand your mind, bring you to wonderful places, and allow you to peek at the lives of great people.


These are just a few of the things you can gain when reading a book. It keeps your mind active, and strengthens your creative and analytical abilities. The reading activity need not be limited to books. You also perform mental calisthenics when you read newspapers, magazines, articles, etc.


Step 2. Sustain the mental exercise by doing puzzles or mind twisting games. Challenge your mind. Puzzles and games are fun and enjoyable. These are creative ways to keep your mind in excellent condition. These make your mind alert and open to a vast reservoir of ideas.


Step 3. Be enthusiastic. As you gain confidence in exercising your mental faculties, you generate excitement. When you get excited, you become optimistic and enthusiastic. You begin to find ways to explore solutions to problems. You become inventive. You begin to find ways to make life easier, more relaxed, and more productive.


Step 4. Engage in creative activities. Creative activities include painting, drawing, music, decorating, designing, and others. These nurture your spirit and allow expression of your real self. Infusing creativity in meaningful endeavors benefits you and others. When you come up with an innovation as a result of your creativity, you make life comfortable for everybody.


A creative thought put into action to benefit humankind is a giant leap in terms of progress. What do you get out of it? Prestige, wealth, and the exercise your mind needs.


Step 5. Find the “why”. Find your reason why you need to exercise your mind. Think of the numerous things it can do for you. It keeps you alert, active, fulfilled, alive, perky, vibrant, happy, and the list goes on. One benefit is that it keeps you young. Also, all your actions are the result of the way your mind works. Your mind works best when it is in tiptop condition, when it is packed with ideas, and when it is exercised regularly.


As you grow older, you will see and feel the difference of a mind that exercises regularly, and a complacent and stagnant mind. A lot of people will testify to the fact that exercising the mind may ward off senility.


Step 6. Be curious. Exercise by doing analytical work. Analyze how things work. The environment reveals many clues to the mysteries that lie beyond what is visible before you. Nature itself is a good source of answers that explains how, what, and why things happen.


Step 7. Feed your mind. Nourish you mind by providing nutrients for the brain. A lot of resources are available if you are wondering about food for the brain. Iodine-rich foods fill this need. Doctors and nutritionists are your best references regarding this.


Nowadays, medical science is not only concerned with the physical well being. It concentrates on the psychological and emotional aspects as well. All these are equally important.


Try any one of the seven steps and engage in a “mental gym.” The next time you offer a toast to good health, offer it as a toast to the physical, emotional, and mental good health of everyone.oH