9 Great Ways to Stay Healthy

9 Great Ways to Stay Healthy and Stress-Free



In order to accomplish all your daily tasks, you have to be physically and mentally fit. Too much workload could lead to stress and exhaustion, which is the last thing anybody wants to happen.


Keeping yourself fit and healthy


Physical and mental stress affects your daily performance. As such, to face and accomplish everyday challenges with flying colors, you have to be physically and mentally fit. Here are ten tips to keep yourself well-functioning and healthy.


  • Eat Healthy Foods Daily. Start your day with a complete breakfast, since this is very important to keep you going through the whole day. To survive the tiring hours ahead, include in your diet energy-giving foods, like bread or pasta. Avoid skipping meals, stay away from sweets and junk food as much as possible, and make sure to eat at least three times a day.


  • Find time to rest. Having enough rest relaxes your mind and your body. Sleep is a basic physical necessity, so before you face the daily humdrum, be sure that you’ve had at least 8 hours of sleep the night before. If work is too hectic, schedule a vacation. Proper rest rejuvenates your senses more than drinking all those relaxants or vitamins, and is enough to keep you going and ready for the tasks that await you in the day ahead.


  • Drink plenty of water daily. Drink between six and eight glasses a day to keep you replenished and hydrated. Busy people tend to lose more body fluids in a day because of tension and sweat. To regulate the loss, it is important to compensate by drinking sufficient amounts of water.


  • Exercise every day. This is to keep your cells functioning properly and will also improve blood circulation in your system. Daily exercise also helps the cell properly consume the oxygen and the nutrients carried by the blood. With proper exercise, you can easily eliminate unwanted toxins in your body.


  • Avoid Stress. Stress can result to anxiety and will eventually leave you unproductive. However, since stress is unavoidable, the least you can do is try to manage and minimize it. When you are at work and tense, for instance, take some time off to breathe deeply and clear your head.


  • Avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcoholic drinks and liquors are depressants, so avoid them as much as possible. They may seem to calm you for a while, but they’re actually wreaking more havoc on your system than you think.


  • Learn to prioritize. Determine the activities in store for you for the whole day. Focus on the important ones and work on the things that need to be done first. The less important work should then follow.


  • Meditate. Yoga classes have been proven very effective in reducing stress; but if you don’t have time to go to the gym, then relish in short moments of silence at any time of the day. It seems very simple, but it’s actually very effective. Often we are too preoccupied with the humdrum that we forget how important silence is to keep us sane.


  • Relax. Go out and spend some leisure time with your friends and your family. Leave your worries behind and just think about nothing but just fun, fun, fun. There’s a time to work on your stressors, and there’s a time to leave them all behind and focus on pampering yourself.


Overall, stress is something you can manage – by keeping yourself healthy and happy, that is. Follow the tips mentioned here and savor some “me” time once in a while. After all, nobody can really be too busy to take a few seconds off time to celebrate life. Take care your body, so it will also take care of you.