A Dose of Creativity

A Dose of Creativity: How to Enhance and Celebrate Your Individual Style



In this world of patterns and trends, it’s hard to maintain your individuality against the crowd. It is difficult to stand out without feeling awkward and out of place. But did you know that trends were first visualized by people who thought of something else aside from the usual? That little dose of creativity may just be what you need… let me elaborate on that…


Tip # 1. Dare yourself. Don’t be afraid to try something else. Your favorite lines should be “why not” and “what if?”. Along with this daring impulse should be your capacity to handle mistakes. It’s an experiment, so it should be no wonder that you may experience failures. For a change, try on a different hairstyle apart from all the rest. Instead of copying the trends, why not make your own? START A TREND. Invest on your “own look”.


We can’t all look good with “bangs” and Anime hair right? Why bother looking just like everybody else?


Tip # 2. Don’t be such a copy cat. Purr at the satisfaction that no one is quite like you, so why try being like them?


Avoid fitting yourself into a mold not made for you. If you know that you have hips too wide and unflattering on skinny jeans, then by all means, don’t wear them…even if the whole town looks like drumsticks (fluffy on top, stick-thin at the bottom). Besides, do you find satisfaction in being a follower all the time? Be a leader, let them follow and fall behind for once!


Tip #3. Embrace Change. That’s right, give it a big, warm hug.

While you are at the process of figuring out your sense of style, make allowances for change. Choosing “a safe color” or a “safe style” won’t celebrate your individuality as a unique person. If you don’t embrace change you’ll remain grounded and stagnant. Look forward to new ideas, listen to suggestions, who knows, they might work for you.


If they don’t, at least you know better not to try them again right? Who knew you’d look horrible with curls or that you’d look hot with wavy hair? The best way to find out is if you try.


Tip #4. Copy and make sure nobody notices. The idea is to look for an inspiration. I usually pick a classic style or cut on a shirt or a dress then I add my very own design (simple as adding crazy buttons here and there, or sewing some beads or lace on it). That way, it adapts the style, but there’s no mistake that it’s got “you” stitched all over.


Tip #5. Don’t overdo it.  By this I mean that you should not risk looking presentable, neat and nice at the expense of creativity and individuality. There are boundaries between “the unique” and the “what-on-earth”. So long as you feel comfortable and you don’t end up embarrassing your ancestors, go ahead and show the world the style that’s uniquely you.


Tip #6. Be nobody else but yourself. I put this last on my list because, simply said, if you follow this one rule, you would not need the other five tips I’ve listed above. Being “you” means being “unique”. That’s all you need to be in order to put your creativity to the test and let your individuality break through the mold of the mundane. No other advice beats being sincerely true to who you are!