ABCs Of Developing Personality

The A-B-C’s of Developing Your Personality



So you want to make your life better. Before making that effort to make your future a little less bleak, it is best that you first organize and change the life that you are now leading to something a lot better. Doing so could help you broaden your perspective and ultimately make your life happier.


The following are basic tips and advice to help you make that positive change to better your personality.  


Start simple.


To make an effective change, start out with something that is do-able. Clean your place, your house, or your apartment. Better yet, throw some old, unnecessary stuff away. This could also serve as a metaphor for the psychic wastes you may be hoarding in your life.  Go and try to get trash bags, preferably three - one bag is for the trash, one bag is for the things you can still sell (in a garage sale perhaps), and one bag is for the things you can easily put away.  


A basic garage sale could be held during weekends. Make sure that you have a clean space.  


Start doing a makeover.


From the money you have probably gotten from the garage sale, try to be generous to yourself for a change. Get a makeover. There are affordable haircuts available. Go shopping as well. Try to get those trendy items of clothes. Just make sure you do not overdo it. If you have friends who have a fashion sense, try to get their opinion on what looks best and worst for you.


Think things over.


Assess where you are right now. Do you like your job? Do you love your job? How much do you hate it? As much as possible, try to think positive and have a positive perspective in your workplace.  However, if you cannot stand to work there anymore, get out. As much as possible, try to find the things that best suits your unique personality and everything else will follow.


Treat your loved ones better.


If you have a special someone in your life, besides family, treat them in the best way possible. If you want to be fancy about it, buy them gifts or stuff that they do not expect. An expensive watch perhaps? If you are single, go out and enjoy life. Start meeting people. Hang out with your friends. You will know when is the right time to settle down if you have found that one special person. So relax. Everything will turn out all right.


Treat yourself better.


Go and work out.  You could join a gym or just jog on your own. It is a great and effective way to look and feel good, as well as to meet a lot of people.


Better yet, go and get yourself a hobby that you love doing, not just for the sake of having a hobby. You could also consider doing volunteer work. You will not only feel good about yourself, you could improve your karma as well. Plus, you will help a lot of people too.  


Try to achieve spiritual health too.


Besides the outside efforts, try to feel good on the inside too. Join a temple, church, or synagogue, or whatever it is that would make you feel comfortable in. It is similarly important to better one’s health from the inside out, and vice versa.


Overall, the development of your personality depends on your choices. Always remember that if you do well to yourself, you will do well to others, and vice versa.