Accomplish More In Less Time

You Can Accomplish More in Less Time



Ever wondered how some people seem to be able to accomplish so much with so limited time? It doesn’t seem fair, does it? We all get the same 24 hours. Why do they get more things done than most people do? And all the while, here you are burning yourself up trying to get things done and feeling more frustrated than fulfilled.


The trick here is proper time management. Being able to properly organize and schedule your activities will definitely improve your ability to beat deadlines and produce output. Here are a few tips on properly managing your time and your resources to increase you productivity.


Keep a Journal  


Always keep a pen and some paper on hand. You may also use an organizer or even mobile devices to help you do so. This will allow you to jot down activities you are supposed to accomplish plus the resources, deadlines, and priorities for each project. This will help you remember and meet deadlines.


A journal also helps you budget your time. The cardinal sin for those seeking to accomplish much is to think that they have much time left. They push the start of work until they find themselves dangerously close to deadlines. Being able to start work on time and using your time meaningfully will do much to increasing your productivity.


Work Smarter, Not More


After receiving a project, you may be tempted to buckle down to work immediately. This may seem like a good thing; however, it could actually be counterproductive. The technique here is to work smarter by planning before you start. Planning may seem like a waste of time – until you realize that the time you spend twiddling with your pen, conceptualizing, and visualizing how your project should be executed is time well spent. With proper planning, completing your projects way ahead of time is definitely a possibility


Go over the work you have to do, and find ways to reduce redundant and repetitive tasks. This could reduce the time and cost of many of your tasks.


Make Time for Rest


Another trick that may seem counterintuitive is to make sure you have enough time for rest and recreation. Pulling one all-nighter should be okay, but pulling all-nighter after all-nighter will result in decreased productivity. Take frequent but short breaks to re-energize yourself.


Keep Healthy


You lose time when you get sick. Even if your illness will not sideline you from work, it will still affect your productivity and energy levels. Emphasis on health will make sense when you adopt the principle of quality instead of quantity. For example, 3 hours of work on optimum energy levels may be more productive than 6 hours of work on half a leg.


Get Organized


Set aside time to organize your stuff. You lose much time when you’re going over the rubble of your equipment looking for lost and misplaced items.




When you tackle a big problem head on, you are bound to get bruised. Break down the problem into manageable parts and tackle each part separately. The sense of fulfillment of being able to win little battles will spur you on to tackle other challenges. Moreover, being free from the clutter of having to consider the problem as a whole will prevent you from being overwhelmed by the task.