Anger Management for a Better Emotional Health

“Anger Management for a Better Emotional Health”



“I would not have done that if I weren’t so mad”, or “I was really angry that is why I said what I said.” These are common scenarios which people experience in the midst of an emotional outburst. Most people think that anger is enough justification to do or say things which may be hurtful to others.


However, no matter how angry you are at a situation or at a person in particular, your ire is still not an excuse to be hurtful to others. This is why anger management is such an important part of keeping control of your emotions so that you will have a better overall disposition.


The key to properly deal with your anger is to understand where it is coming from. Remember that this is a healthy, human emotion which everyone goes through. The difference, however, lies in how each person deals with his or her own rage. If channeled positively, anger can be used to motivate a person to do something productive. On the other hand, if you do not have enough control of your anger, it can lead to a negative emotion taking control of your anger and getting the better of you.


Do not let yourself be ruled by your emotions. After determining the cause of anger, you can reflect for a minute if getting riled up over the situation is even worth it in the first place. Next, you can channel that energy into something more positive.


There should be an outlet for your energy but it should not be something that will prove to be harmful or destructive to others. It is important to release this anger because each time you keep it to yourself, the emotions will just be buried deep inside of you, and may cause you to overreact the next time that there is something to get angry about.


 Once you get over your anger and have a better control of your emotions, you will soon realize that there could have been a better way of dealing with the situation instead of getting all riled up. Did you look at the situation from all possible angles, or did you react immediately and got angry? Instead of getting mad over the situation, did you get mad at the person who delivered the ‘bad news’?


Letting anger take control over your emotions, your actions and even your life can lead you to have an unhealthy relationship with other people. Thus, you need to learn how to manage and control your anger so that you will have a better emotional health and turn out to be a happier person with a positive outlook in life.