Are You Getting Enough Rain

Are You Getting Enough Rain?!



You are wealthy!


Yes, you are. You just need to see the blessings that surround you.


Too many people lose their life when they start thinking of things that they don't have. They have a ‘poverty’ mentality.


What they don't realize is that what they already have is much more than what they don't have.


You have things of tremendous value and you don't realize that until you lose them.


You can see, touch and listen. You have family and friends. You have a home. You have food and water. You have LIFE!


Think about losing just one thing that you take for granted and imagine your life without it.


Let’s say that you lost your eyes and became blind. Simply, you won't be able to read this article!!!


Imagine your life without being able to see. Terrible, right?!


Surprisingly, there are blind people who made a difference and left a legacy. They just look at life from a different angle and start appreciating what they have, instead of crying on what they lost or what they are deprived from.


Here is a beautiful saying that summarizes this concept...


"I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more" - Unknown


You take sun for granted. Imagine your life without the sun. When you have enough rain, you will appreciate the sunny days.


Look at your life with a new eyes starting today and start to see how beautiful it is.


Be grateful and stop complaining. You are wealthy and you are surrounded by a lot of blessings. You must start to invest in what you already have, right now. Believe in yourself and dream for a bright future. One day you will realize that gratefulness is the seed of greatness and the mine of prosperity.