Assertive Through Lawyers

Learning to be Assertive through Lawyers



What does it mean to be assertive? What can you learn about assertiveness by being with lawyers?


This article tries to relate the competency that is assertiveness with lawyers. What about lawyers? You might know people who are lawyers or studying law. You would notice the audacity of these people and how brilliantly they portray every single word that comes out of their mouths as the truth.


When someone is taking up law, or is a lawyer, one important thing that he needs to be able to survive in the courtroom is assertiveness.


What exactly is assertiveness? What differentiates it from being aggressive and from being passive? For one, a person who is assertive views and projects everything towards the positive. Assertiveness is putting something into positive terms and projecting it as if it was nothing but the truth, backed by evidence. Aggressiveness is being tactlessly bold and audacious, while assertiveness is being audacious with suave and finesse.


Lawyers need to deal with a whole lot of people. They have to deal with their clients; and depending on whose side they are on, they will make their statements as close to the truth as they can without letting others know that they are merely repacking something up, which would clearly pass as a lie if not delivered properly.


Lawyers need to communicate well with the jury and with the presiding judge. Talking about law is not something that an ordinary man can blabber about without looking stupid. Law has its boundaries, and lawyers need to play within these boundaries.


Given a certain amount of space to deal with, lawyers need to compress their statements in a way that each word they say projects the bigger statement that they are saying to the audience. The speech battles between lawyers can be so intense that the people watching are stunned as if they are watching a long rally in a world tennis championship.


Lawyers need to speak in a manner that projects the truth and without outrageously insulting other people, for they can be warned or punished by the judge. Lawyers need to speak in an assertive but careful manner as if it was a science. They employ selective speech that leads conversations towards the way that they want them to. This is why two opposing lawyers can never really have a decent conversation inside the courtroom, for they will always be engaged in a tug-of-war speech battle.


What can we learn from lawyers? Lawyers speak a language that is complemented by body language. This embodies assertiveness. Words are to be spoken in an assertive yet careful manner for them to retain their integrity and spur no doubts. Assertiveness plays around the unconscious mind. When you speak assertively to another, you will get the message across to the other individual without him taking much notice.


Lawyers are a great group to learn from about assertiveness. No decent lawyer will ever win one single case unless he is assertive. The battles in the courtroom are not just about facts and figures, but also about poise and tact. The courtroom itself is a channel for knowing the truth, and the truth are the words that are spoken by the lawyer who is more assertive.