Assertiveness In Promotions

Turning Assertiveness into Success: Talk Your Way to Promotions



A simple, effective way to promote people focuses on two main aspects. Are they able to do the work required? Are they willing to do the work?


There are four possible combinations of staff attitude and ability. The willing and able person is the only one that the employer or the manager should consider for promotion.


At the other extreme, somebody who is neither able nor willing has no place in the organization, let alone the promotion ladder.


The people in-between, who are lacking in either motivation or ability, pose the real challenge to their managers. Motivating an unmotivated person is far more difficult than training a willing individual to perform better.


The prospect of promotion, however, may push the unwilling person into trying harder.


However, there are many instances wherein some people are appropriate for promotion but are not being recognized by the company.


If you were in this kind of situation, what would you do? Will you choose not to do anything and wait for your chance of being promoted? Or will you be assertive enough and earn the kind of promotion you truly deserve?


In the corporate world, assertiveness is required for people who wish to seek career growth. It is differentiated from aggressiveness in the sense that aggressiveness tends to create people who will defend themselves and fight for their rights in an unpleasing manner. In this way, the aggressive person tends to lose respect and reverence to authority.


On the contrary, assertiveness is more like a communication development. You try to win your side by asking for the right deal on the right approach. Being assertive would simply mean getting what you deserve and still maintain that certain level of respect to your superiors.


With assertion, you try to speak up what you think is right. You try to explain what you think you deserve and live up to what the company would still want from you as an employee.


Assertiveness can create signals to your employer that you will and can do the new job fit for your capabilities and skills. Through assertiveness, you can let your employer know that you are the type of employee who shows the standard behavior that he should always expect in a candidate for promotion.


Assertiveness can provide an individual new ways in getting the right and appropriate promotion. Being assertive would imply suggestion schemes that would make the employer feel that the employee is in partnership with him and the company.


The point here is to be recognized by the company. If no one seems to notice your positive developments towards your work and your relationship with the other people in the company, it is high time you let them know.


Besides, your achievements are something you have worked hard for. Hence, you deserve to be recognized for any positive developments you have accomplished.


In a big company, it is sometimes hard to manage and keep track every activity of each employee. There are many instances wherein the company cannot instantly detect problems or developments within the area.


Sad to say, these includes those people who should deserve to be recognized but were not yet acknowledged simply because no one knows their achievements. Therefore, the best way to earn a well-deserved promotion is to be assertive and aim for recognition.


It is best to inform the company about the developments of the company through the employee’s effort.


Let your bosses know why you deserve to be promoted, and you will have greater chances of earning the promotion that you ought to have.