Bad Memories

Keeping Away Those “Bad” Memories



After watching the film, “The Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind,” I suddenly became interested about a threshold point of our memory. It is the point where people would just want to undergo a painful medical process, although currently impossible, of removing some parts of their memory just like what the lead actors of the movie did.


Sometimes, when the pain from our past resurfaces and becomes too unbearable, we sometimes desperately wish that some magical powers would be available for us to erase an event or a person from our lives. But since that is not feasible yet, it would be wise for us to remember the following tips to make our memories more acceptable and enjoyable as we ponder and recollect.


1. See things from the positive perspective. Unhappy events may be similar to ugly scars that we want to remove given the opportunity. But in life, there are things we just cannot do anything about, such as the miserable circumstances we may have experienced before. In that case, what we need is a healthy disposition to see these “ugly” scars as inspirations to persevere more in life.


Moreover, unfortunate events may even be utilized as means to bring out the best in people. For example, being away from the family for a long time may be an occurrence that is agonizing to recall. But we may see in it the opportunity to discover the sense of responsibility that we have during this lonely moment. Beyond this, we can adjust to new environments and develop our sense of confidence as we face challenges and conquer our problems.


2. Look at the bigger picture. Most of the time, if something bad happens, we are quick to put the blame on ourselves and conclude that the misfortune occurred because of our faults. However, that may not always be the case. For example, if a relationship turns sour, it is best to remember that it certainly takes two to tango or create a harmonious tie; and for all you know, you may have been keeping bad memories for something which is not a result of your actions alone.


Furthermore, looking at the bigger picture allows us to see the positive things that are overlooked because of the “ugly scars” created by the bad memories or failed instances found in our past.


3. Life need not be perfect. Remember this: no one is perfect. With this in mind, we may find it easier to deal with an ugly past. This would also give us the confidence to look back and recollect old images found in photo albums, or read letters from friends, even if these may send back loneliness to you.


Moreover, remembering this rule will absolutely help us face what has happened with no regrets. Regret makes people’s character bitter even with the blessings that they are receiving in life.


With these tips, we may realize that dealing with the past is a matter of acquiring the right attitude in looking back and still having a positive disposition.