Be A Successful Seller Using Persuasion Power

Be A Successful Seller Using Persuasion Power!



A good seller must be able to persuade people to purchase or support his products and/or services. The only way to make a sale is to persuade; without it, you have no chance whatsoever in making a career in sales.

In any endeavor, there are challenges that must be faced. To be able to persuade, you must be aware of some of the obstacles you may encounter.


Obstacles in persuading the client:


  • Existing or formed perception of client. It is most difficult to persuade a client who already has an opinion or judgment about a specific product, service, or any other concern.  


  • No interest whatsoever. Even before you are able to do your initial convincing, you must be able to get the client's attention.  Without it, he won't even give you the time of the day to let you present your persuasive speech.


  • Time constraint. Bear in mind that there are instances when you only have limited time to persuade the client. Also, getting their attention is different from keeping them interested. Most of the time, you have a one-shot deal to get your message across and convince the client from the moment he gives you his attention to the moment he shifts his attention to another matter altogether.


  • Mood or attitude of consumer. The feelings or state of mood of the person should be considered. People who have had a rough day are more likely to be inattentive to you and they will be harder to convince.


It is not enough to know the above-mentioned factors that may hinder you from successfully persuading a buyer. After you analyze the various scenarios, you must be able to device ways to overcome the said obstacles.


Pointers to keep in mind:


1.Be patient. Don't expect yourself to perfect this craft immediately. Also, being able to persuade takes a lot of time and effort depending on the project or situation involved.


2.Persevere. As the cliché goes, "Try and try until you succeed."  Enjoy the chase; after all, this is what makes the experience rewarding.


3.Value hard work. You must be able to recognize that the amount of effort that you invest in your act of persuasion will affect the end result.


4.Be sincere.  The act of persuasion should come as a sincere act to the person who is being persuaded. And of course, it is in the ethics of businesspersons to be honest in their dealings. Therefore, being sincere in your approach of convincing should be a natural thing to do.


5.Evolve. Everything changes - the level of competition, the situation in business, the attitude of the market, and the like.  To keep up with all these changes you must not be stagnant and you must change with the times - so be a chameleon and learn to adapt!


6.Reward yourself.  A done deal because of excellent persuasion prowess is a good reason to celebrate.  


The value of persuasion goes beyond its role in business.  Aside from being able to use it in your career as a seller, this skill may be applicable in various aspects of your life as well. Making the most of your persuasion skills will not only allow you to get what you want from people and situations; ultimately, it will enable you to get more out of life.