Be Careful of What You Wish For

Be Careful of What You Wish For…



How bad do you want something?  Can you almost taste and feel it?  Do you imagine that it’s already beside you, nestling comfortably under the crook of your arm?


If you wish for something that your heart desires, then think really hard… and it might just come true. If one adds concentration and feelings, it becomes a great creative power that makes things happen.


Creative visualization is not just about positive thinking. It is the ability to use one’s imagination to greater heights, to see into one’s mind an exciting reality. It has been used in several different forms, usually subconsciously or unconsciously throughout a person’s lifespan.  Many great people in the past have known about it, used it to their advantage and in the process, helped made the world a better place to live in.


The brain is a powerful tool and should be utilized only for good.  Creative visualization can transform one’s life from dull to dazzling. The idea will serve as a draft and the emotion provides the force to pursue reality. By thinking of the good things that you want to happen, a positive stream of energy is created, surrounding you inch by inch. This positive energy then solidifies and becomes reality.


There are many ways to go about this, but it is summarized in five easy to follow steps. The first step is to relax. Sit or lie in any position that will make you comfortable. Breathe deeply and rhythmically.  Inhale and exhale slowly.  Picture your tense muscles slowly relaxing.  Unknot those tight bunches and arrange them in an orderly arrangement.


Second, set your highest ideal by picturing things that you want to happen. You are the master of your future so do this to the utmost of your ability.  Conjure pictures with distinct colors and vibrant hues.  


Third, focus on it as often as possible. Think of it all throughout the day to galvanize the process.  The final step, and perhaps the most difficult one, is giving your thought a positive energy. Only allow optimism and no other negative feeling to rule your life.  Negative energy will neutralize what you are trying to achieve.


There are several ways on how to use creative visualization in your life. You may use it to relieve almost any physical problem. For instance, in cases of pain, where one could imagine himself away from the hospital room, not in a drab hospital gown and without any tubes attached. Instead, he could see himself having a grand time in the Caribbean surrounded by the white sand and deep blue sea. A person who is on a diet may envision himself to have a fit and beautiful body. Some may use it to boost character or attitude. When a person views himself as poor, pathetic, idiotic or selfish --- he may start to act that way. But the moment he sees himself as an intellectual, humorous and friendly, then he can begin to become that way. It may also improve one’s relationship by picturing an increase in harmony, appreciation, affection and closeness.


Creative visualization cannot be used to “control” the behavior of others or cause them ill.  People should not be treated as voodoo dolls to be played around with.  Remember that the law of attraction exists and no one is exempted. If you wish others bad fortune, it will always come back to haunt you in due time.  Whatever you do, think or wish will always boomerang back to you, so be careful of what you wish for.