Be Obese No More

Be Obese No More!



Obesity affects almost 60 million of the population of the United States. The incidence is greater in women than in men. Because of the increasing number of pre-packaged food and people engaging in less activities, there have been an increasing number of obese people in America.


Dealing with obesity is not as easy as counting one to three. A lot of factors such as ethnicity, genetics, lifestyle, and personal habits should be considered in the management of obesity. Obesity, if not properly managed, can lead to a lot of health problems that may later evolve into life threatening diseases.


The management of obesity mostly focuses on lifestyle changes. Reaching your healthy weight involves proper management of your diet and exercise. The obese person may seek the help of a dietitian and/or a personal trainer.


Diet Management


There are a lot of diets that have gained popularity. However, it is best that you consult your dietitian on what is best for you. Furthermore, your dietitian would consider your food preferences.


If you are a little low in the budget, take into consideration the current dietary recommendations that were based on the food pyramid. This is researchable in the internet. You can use this as a guide on how much you are supposed to eat.


It is important to follow your meal plan religiously when you have one. Remember that the meal plan was made to help you and not torture you.


Exercise Management


Exercise has a lot of benefits. It burns those extra calories and prevents different health problems from occurring. Thus, exercise is vital if you wish to lose weight.


People are often too lazy to engage in exercise. However, there are numerous alternatives to the usual exercise routine. These include kickboxing, belly dancing, taebo, and many more. If you want things to be plain, walking or biking is a good exercise. Engaging in a cardiovascular exercise plan that raises the heart rate for at least half hour can be very beneficial if done regularly.


It is important that you stick to your exercise plan so that you would achieve your desired results. However, you must set realistic goals so as not to be disappointed.


Behavioral Changes


Behavioral changes are vital to conquering obesity. Those who engage in crash diets are mostly unsuccessful in weight management because they do not have any behavioral change.


Sedentary lifestyle contributes to weight gain. Perhaps adding physical activity to your schedule would help in weight management. Physical activity could be as simple as dancing around the house or just plain strolling along the mall.


Analyze your eating habits. Try to determine the reasons why you overeat, if you do. This could help you think of ways on how to fight your overeating tendencies.


Managing obesity involves the whole lifestyle change. This would include diet management, exercise management, and behavioral changes. Of course for some, medication and surgery are advised. Medications do not have a central role in the management. They merely reinforce the lifestyle changes that have been done. Surgery, on the other hand, is only advised to those with very severe obesity issues.


The ultimate goal in these management techniques is not the perfect body type. It is to attain the weight where your health is no longer at risk. When successful, the techniques should not be stopped. Sustaining the healthy weight needs the same amount of determination as losing the weight.