Be the Kind of Boss Everyone Wants

Be the Kind of Boss Everyone Wants to Have



One of the most challenging roles you can ever have is that of being a leader. You have to have influential characteristics in order to have people follow you. Being a leader or a boss does not entail changing how people think. Instead, you must bring out the best in each of the people you handle. How exactly do you do this? Below are some tips on how you can be the kind of boss everyone would want to have.


Be a Friend. There is nothing more comforting than knowing one has a boss who can also be a friend. Don’t be too uptight with your level of authority. Learn to roll up your sleeves sometimes and get to know your people. You’ll be amazed on how you can learn a thing or two from them. Spend some time with your group and study their attitudes to work, the way they do their work, and their expectations from their job. And yet, keep in mind that you are still a figure of authority. Learn to define personal and professional boundaries. Strike a balance between friendship and professionalism with your employees.


Learn to Empathize. Being sensitive to your employees' needs and feelings is a plus. Is your criticism too harsh for them? Try criticizing yourself they way you criticize your employees. If your own words strike a chord in you, these would probably hurt your staff too. One of the greatest skills that a leader should have is the capacity to read his/her members' nonverbal cues. Taking note of the nonverbals gives you an idea of what might be going on in your employees' minds. You are not expected to be psychic, but at least be sensitive to note when your employees are having tough times at work so you can be of help.


Let Your Employees Speak Up. It always feels good to have one's voice be heard. Whether in the boardroom or elsewhere, asking your people's opinions or suggestions in crucial matters makes them feel important and involved.  Keep an open mind and consider your employees' suggestions. If you can't use an employee's whole idea, you can think about using just some aspects of the idea. Especially if you think that these would improve your project, your corporate structure, systems, etc. In case you don't agree with what they say, at least be respectful enough to acknowledge their opinions. Acknowledging their ideas and opinions shows that you respect them. This way, they learn to respect you also; as they say, respect begets respect.


Learn to Appreciate. The feeling of being appreciated, especially by one's boss, is a great self-esteem booster. Learn the art of appreciating your staff for it builds their confidence. When they become more self-confident, they get to be more enthusiastic in their work, translating to greater productivity. Learning to appreciate seemingly insignificant, but excellently done and innovative approaches to tasks shows that you really take note of what they do. Another thing, giving gifts during special days is a great way to show your appreciation and gratitude for their hard work.


Be a Source of Inspiration. Make it a point to lead by example and inspire your employees. Showing that you have passion and excellence in what you do will let them see that you love your job and are in control of things. This approach to work earns their trust and will inspire them to excel in their work also. A boss who lives in excellence and backs his talk with action motivates his employees. Set an atmosphere of excellence in your workplace, and your employees will follow suit.