Become A Better Person Overcome Shyness

Become a Better Person: Overcome Shyness



Do you have supreme interpersonal skills? Do you like to become the center of attention at any social gathering? Are you outspoken and ready to tell others what you feel or think? Or, are you the exact opposite of all of these?


If you are afraid of people and like to keep to yourself instead, most probably you are a little shy. Shyness is a stage of inhibition that an individual shows during interpersonal situations.


Shyness can prohibit you from doing what you want. But, the good news is that you can overcome this phase. You can come out of your shell and be more interactive with others.


To conquer shyness and get the most out of your social life, here are good suggestions you can follow:


1. Know the root of your shyness. You have to determine why you become shy in a given situation. Are you afraid of rejection? Do you feel uncomfortable because of somebody or something? Or, do you simply not want to make any mistakes at all? To fully rid yourself of shyness, you must come to terms with the very thing that causes it.


2. Practice not being shy. Start with yourself. Talk to yourself as if you are one cool, confident individual. Practice how to start a lively conversation with one of your closest friends or family members. With enough practice, you will slowly feel comfortable even amidst strangers.


3. Be fascinated by other people. When in a conversation, try to look the person straight in the eye and be genuinely interested in what they say. Concentrate on what they are telling you and remember some of it. That way, you’ll be more relaxed when you see each other again.


4. Be at your best. Improve your self. Sometimes, shyness is caused by self-consciousness. Strive to always look your best, but do not be so critical with yourself that you cannot act naturally.


5. Think of several topics of conversation that interest you. Then, you can begin talking to somebody about a hobby or a sport that fascinates you. You can also talk about your pets and the school you used to go to. The possibilities are endless. Just choose topics you are comfortable with.


These are five simple things that you can do to finally rise above your tendency to be shy. Master these suggestions and you will be the life of the next party you attend!