Best Power Gifts You Can Give Your Children

Best Power Gifts You Can Give Your Children



Is it that time of the year when you have to tear apart malls to find the perfect IN gift?  Do you have to max out your credit card to buy that latest techno gizmo software or ultra-modern-all-power toy that “experts” say will enhance your child’s IQ through the hand-eye coordination practice they’ll be getting from it? Well, if you can afford it, why not, you say? But hold on, don’t you notice that all those toys are just fads that will soon be replaced with newer and cooler toys with a billion more moving parts? Why don’t you give them something that lasts more than the season? Try these:


  • The power of touch – It has been proven that newborns thrive more and gain weight more when they are constantly touched. Ever notice how kids like it so much when they can cuddle with you? This is not even gender-related. Kids respond whether the touch comes from Dad or Mom. A hug, a kiss or even a slight rumple of their hair appeals to his feeling of being loved. Touch tells your kid that you’re within reach and that nothing bad will happen with you there.  


  • The power of positives – Your children soak up praise and encouragement like water in the dessert. As much as you can, be a positive factor in their life. Guide them in goal setting by pointing out that they can be the best of what they want to be. Be the best cheerleader in games or contests or plays they join. They may not always win but for sure, being there will make a difference in their performance.


  • The power of an apology – We are the adults in this relationship and we think we know everything. But sometimes we don’t. Always be humble enough to say sorry when you commit a mistake. Remember that they look up to you and will imitate what you do. Your sincere humility will retain in their minds and they’ll act the same way too.


  • The power of laughter – Ever notice how people would look and smile when they hear a child laugh? It’s because a child laughs with pure joy – you know that he’s happy and enjoys what he’s doing. No pretenses. No malice. No sarcasm. Their enthusiasm is contagious! If you can see the world through their eyes, you’ll see a better view. And their laughter is like a refreshing shower after a hot season or the first snowflake in winter. So make them laugh. It doesn’t even take much – a tickling session, a game of tag or even a classic cartoon will do wonders to you and your child.


Long after that super toy loses its appeal, these four power gifts will last forever.