Big Thoughts and Big Actions Make Dreams Come True

Big Thoughts and Big Actions Make Dreams Come True!



Yes, these two can indeed make your thoughts materialize – even big, seemingly impossible dreams. The process is very straightforward, applying the law of manifestation.


It all begins in your mind, with a single thought. If you think small, you get small results. But if you think big, what do you think your results will be? If you think, a small bungalow will be fine as my house, then most likely that is what you will get. On the other hand, if you think you would like a two-storey house with a pool and garden, then again, that is what you will most likely get.


Feeling, or passion, follows. This is where the question “How badly do I want this?” comes in. Also, “What am I willing to do in order to get this?” The answer to this determines your level of commitment. Your passion and commitment also dictate your results.


Based on your thought and passion, you set a specific goal with a specific deadline. It is best to write it down as the subconscious mind absorbs it better when you write it down.


Then take big actions that are only worthy of your big thoughts! If you are looking for your dream house, find out how much it costs and how you are going to get it. Think about and visualize your dream house everyday. This activates the law of attraction, where you attract people and events related with what you think about most. Stay alert for “coincidences” from the universe – for example, suddenly meeting an architect or anyone who can help you get that dream house.


Change your actions if needed until you reach your goal. If for example your sources of income are not enough to finance your dream house, then you may have to change them or add to them.

In time, you will reach your goal.


Just keep this formula in mind – big thoughts and big feelings lead to big goals, which in turn lead to big actions, finally leading to big results!