Blowing Off Steam Healthy Ways of Expressing your Anger

Blowing Off Steam:  Healthy Ways of Expressing your Anger



From an inept delivery boy to a rude customer service representative, from a pitbull boss with unreasonable demands to self-absorbed officemates who do not respect your views, one or all of these factors could lead you on the brink of losing your temper.  There are times you want to lash back but you know that the damage it will wreak havoc on your interpersonal relationships will be horrendous.  The stakes are just too high.


You know there is an enormous power hidden beneath your anger.  This is essentially the reason why you and many others are very uncomfortable expressing their rage. You may be one of those who prefer to zip their mouths and just sulk in a corner.  Or maybe you would prefer to gobble your ever-reliable junk food to feel better. Unfortunately, long-term repression can cause a lot of physiological consequences.  It makes you chronically agitated, keeping you on your toes at all times and leading you to a state of imbalance activated by the body’s fight-or-flight response.


If you want to release this negative energy, check out these stress-free tips of expressing your rage.


  • Take a time out.  If you have just been on the receiving end of a long and highly-charged sermon, it is unavoidable that you will absorb some of the negativity. What you should do is to remove yourself from the source of stress.  If possible, have lunch outside the office or take your snack just a few streets away.  This will allow you to compose your thoughts in a new environment and allow you to see things in a different perspective.  


  • Shout to high heavens.  When you want to scream but cannot do so because you are in the office filled with open cubicles, quickly dash to the parking lot, get inside your car, roll up the windows and yell your heart out.  This is one way of reducing your pent-up emotion to a miniscule bit. 


  • Write yourself. Grab a pen and piece of paper and start scribbling your thoughts.  If you hate someone that bad, jot down everything you want to say to him without trying to censor yourself.  This will allow you to release your thoughts out in the open without unnecessarily hurting someone.  Burn the paper after you have finished your letter.  Do this until such time you are relieved of your fury.


  • Call a friend.  Want to get a reassuring hug from a friend but can’t do so because she’s miles away?  Do the next best thing.  Call her.  She can infuse you with a healthy dose of humor as well as a pound of wisdom.  Friends are such amazing ego-boosters that it’s almost a crime not to confide in them.  


Whatever strategy you pick, let the calmness and clear-headedness that follows guide you in taking a courageous step towards a better direction.