Boost your Self Esteem & Self Worth through Motivation

Boost Your Self-Esteem & Self-Worth through Motivation



If you are a single mother, your motivation to work could be your children. If you are an employee who is just starting out on a new job, your motivation could be the fact that you are aiming for a promotion. A student could be motivated to ace an exam to get into a particular university. When you ask the question about what makes a person 'tick', you are basically looking for the reasons or motivations behind one's actions.


Without motivation, your actions and decisions in life would have no direction. For people who are suffering from some sort of mid-life crisis, they often wonder about the reason behind what’s going on in their lives.


If you have a proper and positive motivation behind your actions, there is no need to look for hidden reasons because your goals in life should be clearly outlined if you have the proper motivation.


There are several factors that can be attributed to a person's motivation. To have a clearer understanding of the reasons behind a persons' motivation, take a look at the following factors:


  • Intrinsic Rewards

Why do people work for a living? The most basic reason is to earn money to have the means to buy food, clothes, other necessities as well as pamper yourself with some luxury items. These are the forms of intrinsic rewards which can be the motivation behind a person who works hard at his or her position in a company.


If you are earning incentives at work, this could be your motivation to put in longer hours. If you are saving for a car or a house, this could be your motivation to work doubly hard. All these intrinsic rewards are but natural – and a rather common motivation.


  • Personal Motivation

We all have our personal goals that we would like to achieve. Be it fighting for a cause that you strongly believe in, or getting the praise or reward that you feel you aptly deserve – these personal motivators can be the reason behind your actions.  


If you put together the right amount of push towards a particular goal or direction in life and you combine it with positive thinking and proper motivation, you can definitely boost your self-esteem and self-worth. By having a clear picture of what you want in life, you can easily use any either the personal motivators or the intrinsic rewards so that you can work doubly hard and be inspired enough to achieve your goals.