Brain Dump or Brain Pump

Brain Dump or Brain Pump?



We’ve all felt emotionally drained, physically down, or even the opposite of those. We’ve felt on top of the world where we felt like nothing could stop us or hold us back.


What if you knew the reason for the back and forth feeling of emotional and physical pendulum? You knew there had to be a reason, right?


If you could know why you were feeling physically down or emotionally drained, would you feel more empowered and take action to fix it? Definitely!


Well, get ready to start taking action, because below are the reasons why most of us feel the way we do AND how we can turn our brains into the way we want to feel all the time.


The fact of the matter is we get ‘down’ sometimes because we lack stimulation. We lack it in all areas of our lives. If you compare our physical, mental and emotional output now to even 15 years ago, we’ve reduced efforts drastically. And it doesn’t seem to be getting any better.


With technology at our fingertips pointing at us every direction we go, there is no need for physical exertion or to even think as much as we used to. Everything is becoming ‘dumbed down’ and ‘comfort created’ we have become pampered to the point of pitiful.


And all these luxuries and pampering are causing us to stay in – away from others – more than ever before. Never before have you been able to live in the midst of hundreds of people and not even know your next door neighbor’s name.


So, assuming you want to lift your spirits and feel better all the time – compared to how you feel most of the time – let’s look at some solutions.


Exercise Effects Your Brain

Now you may be saying, “No kidding! I’ve known that for years!”

Good! At least you’re willing to admit that it’s a fact. But you may not have realized that just recently scientist have learned that some form of regular exercise – or even just thinking about exercise my mentally practicing it – is beneficial on wife variety of daily activities.


Dr. V. Reggie Edgerton from the University of California at Los Angeles claims that research is showing that regular exercise is having a benefiting effect in how the brain functions. Research further shows, with regular exercise, the brains ability to reduce symptoms of depression.


Reading Effects Your BrainIn July 31, 2007 issue of Neurology Magazine, doctor’s mention a study that was performed by those would be considered less educated – academically – but, because of years of reading, they have helped their brains develop, what doctors call, a cognitive reserve. Cognitive reserve is a benefit to the individual from a health prospective and has also found to help shield people from the effects of certain kinds of brain injuries.


Being Friendly and Having Friends Effects Your Brain

If you interact on a personal level with others around you, chances are you’ll develop some solid relationships. Did you know, by doing this, you’re potentially protecting yourself from forms of dementia – including Alzheimers?


Dr. David A. Bennett headed a study, the first of its kind, to determine the relationship between social networks and Alzheimers disease pathology. Dr. Bennett stated, “Our findings suggests that social networks are related to something that offers a ‘protective reserve’ capacity that spares them the clinical manifestations of Alzheimer’s disease.”

All three of these examples are remarkable. They’re not theory. They’re clinical and scientifically valid. There’s your answer. There are three areas to work on to improve your quality of life.


Exercise, Reading and just being more social can

  • improve your mood and energy

  • improve your overall health physically

  • improve and drastically protect you from mental diseases


This is just a few of the things that have recently been tested and discovered. Imagine what’s waiting out there that we haven’t even found out yet.


One thing’s for sure. There will definitely be more benefits to our quality of life just from these three examples.


Now go read or run or something!