Brain Enhancement Techniques

How To Keep The Mind Fit Using Brain Enhancement Techniques



It has been said countless of times on TV, in magazines, and everywhere else that humans possess the most complex computers known to man: the brain. Yet, a lot of people still underestimate the power and the ability of their brains when looking at the many limitations that they have. Nevertheless, the brain is unimaginably magnificent considering the fact the humans are using it only partially. In fact, most neurological experts would say that the average person uses not even half of the brain’s full function. Nowadays, people are trying to find ways not only to maintain their brain’s abilities, but also to unleash the hidden capacities of this complex organ. This is done through brain enhancement.


Throughout the history of human civilization, people have been searching for techniques to make one more intelligent, alert, or clever. Different cultures practice different rituals to make sure children are as smart as they can be. Now, these methods are becoming more systematic as they are being studied under the light of science. Looking through the various approaches of brain enhancement, one can group such methods into three techniques, namely physical, sensory, and mental.


Physical Brain Enhancement Techniques


The physical brain enhancement techniques are those that emphasize on the importance of bodily functions on the brain. Parents have always stressed to their children the importance of having breakfast before going to school; this is because people generally think that an empty stomach results into an empty brain. This belief is true because the brain, like any other organ, needs proper nutrition to function well. With this in mind, people try to boost their brain’s function by taking nutritional supplements that were proven to have certain positive effects on the nervous system. Among the growing popular brain food these days are DHA, Omega 3, and other essential fatty acids. Others recommend “brain vitamins and minerals” such as folate, zinc, selenium, and the like. These physical brain enhancement methods focus in making the body healthier to make the brain healthy as well.


Sensory Brain Enhancement Techniques


Other brain enhancement researchers believe that it is important to stimulate the brain by using the sensory system in order to unleash one’s mental capacities. Sensory brain enhancement techniques focus on the use of certain stimuli to fire up the senses that supposedly activate the brain’s functions. A common sensory brain enhancement technique is the use audio stimuli, where people are made to listen to certain sequences of sounds that are said to promote brain performance. Likewise, video brain enhancement techniques stimulate the eyes to activate the brain’s functions. Homeopathic enthusiasts, on the other hand, promote the use of aromatherapy not only to free the mind of stress, but also to rouse the brain, making it more active. Other sensory brain enhancement techniques include the use of electronic stimulation to trigger the sense of touch.


Mental Brain Enhancement Techniques


The mental brain enhancement techniques focus on using the mind itself to unleash its own powers. Education specialists in this manner recommend the use of puzzles or mind exercisers to keep the mind active and to develop other thinking abilities. Alternative therapists also recommend meditation to help people get more in contact with their mind, activating more of the brain’s hidden powers.


Finding Brain Enhancement Services


Brain enhancement techniques are now getting widely available. One can find brain enhancement services through the internet by just searching for them on any search engine. While many of such techniques are available free, a lot of them are being sold for a wide price range. It is important for those interested in these techniques to carefully weigh their options by studying each technique carefully before investing on them.


The brain is a powerful organ, the most powerful computer known to man. With brain enhancement programs, people are given the hope of not only keeping their minds fit but also of unleashing the many hidden capacities of their brains.