Break Out of Depressing Thoughts through Cognitive Therapy

Break Out of Depressing Thoughts through Cognitive Therapy


Thoughts are very powerful. People have been known to withstand pain through sheer thought. People have achieved what they have always wanted through the power of the mind. And people also bring themselves into emotional cesspits because of thoughts.

Depression starts with pervasive thoughts of inadequacy and self-blame, among other things. A lot of the time, depression is triggered by a devastating event or an ill-thought-out decision that had disastrous results. Depressed people wallow in their self-pity and self-blame, slowly losing their will to live, slowly descending into a world where even the air is colored gray.

But there is a way out. Cognitive Therapy, which is used by psychotherapists and psychiatrists to treat depression, is a highly effective method that has brought people “back from the dead,” so to speak. It is very effective; but it's actually a simple process you can do on your own.

What happens in Cognitive Therapy is that the patient is made to talk about a certain issue, especially the trigger of his/her depression, or the stress he/she is currently undergoing. When the patient blames him/herself or makes sweeping generalizations to prove what a miserable wretch he/she really is, the therapist disputes that and corrects the patient by asking questions to prove the negative thought and to encourage rational thinking.

You can do this on yourself too. Say you think, “I'm the fattest girl on earth”. Catch yourself with reality. Ask yourself: what is your weight? What is the weight of an officially obese person? If you do qualify for obesity, remind yourself: even 400-pounders have gone down to normal weight. So can you. If you need proof to tell yourself that it's really true, you can research on success stories.

And this method applies across topics and across disciplines too. If you think you can never get that raise, ask yourself: “Never?” Then research, stack the cards, and arm yourself with truth. Dispute the veracity of your thoughts through cold, hard facts. If the facts agree with you, don't despair. You have other options. The world has never run out of choices. You can get what you want, just keep a rational, open, and optimistic mind.

Cognitive Therapy and its principles has been a big help to so many people. I know it will help you, too. Just read more to show yourself how.