Calming Yourself Against Panic and Anxiet

Calming Yourself against Panic and Anxiety



Panicking and feeling anxious from time to time is normal for any individual. However, it is not normal if it grips your reactions and senses in such a way that you are unable to make decisions as to what is right or not.


Making decisions amidst panic and anxiety can really be critical because during that state, one’s mind is clouded and alienated from the truth. The decision made may not be the wisest.


There are ways to calm yourself and your emotions so as not to yield to panic and everything else that comes with it. Here are the things you can do:


1. Breathe. If you feel you are on the edge of panic, try controlling your breathing. Breathe as quietly as you can. Count slowly until you achieve your normal breathing pattern.


2. Clear your mind. As stated earlier, an anxious person’s mind may be a little bit too clouded. It is then necessary for you to free your mind from the current worries that plague you.  Instead, focus on what you should be doing about it.


3. Slow down. An anxious person’s tendency is to rush things. It is because of the adrenalins that power them in response to the current situation. But that should not be the case. Instead of performing that normal reaction, try to do things in an unhurried pace instead.


4. Shut off the panicked voice in your head. Panic and anxiety are just in the head. They are not really felt but thought. To rid yourself of these, do not think of rather exaggerated events that will be enough to take you to your wit’s end.


5. Lean on a friend. It is during these panicked and anxious states that you needed a friend the most. You have to be guided towards the right direction. It is really not right to trust your senses 100% during these times. Consult somebody you trust and rely on them.


6. Nurture yourself. You lost control and panicked because you felt some sort of a threat. Learn how to counter these threats. Secure yourself and your emotions. That way, you will no longer feel panicky or anxious when faced with the same situation.


Panic and anxiety are something that you should take out of your senses as these two may lead you to a more dangerous situation in a worst-case scenario. Strive to be mentally sound and capable, most especially when there seems to be a dire need to panic.