Common Traits of Happy Families

Common Traits of Happy Families



A happy family is probably one of life’s most priceless treasures. Success won’t be complete without it. All the wealth in world will not guarantee it. There’s no set formula or dynamics in achieving it. They have problems but somehow, they get thru it intact. Is there some sort of secret chant or cosmic ritual that can promise you a happy family life? There’s none unfortunately. But you can look at happy families and you can see that there are some traits common to all of them. Here are some:


  • Priorities – Each family member treats their family as their first priority. Not only the parents, albeit they carry the bulk of responsibility, but also of the children. The integrity of the family must be solid in the sense that all members should think first and foremost about what will happen to their family in any action they do. Parents work hard and plan for their kids’ future but take time out to bond with them and take an active part in their life. Or they spend quality time just talking about what’s happening in the world. The children also make it a point to keep their parents informed of their school or other activities. They gladly spend quality time with their parents and siblings more than hanging out with their friends. If anything major happens to them, they’ll always go to their parents first.


  • Responsibility – Everyone in the family strives to be responsible – from the pre-schooler picking up his toys to the parents who work to provide the basic necessities. Loyalty to one’s partner is the norm and infidelity is not even in the vocabulary. What’s more, everyone does his/her responsibility not only because of duty but of love. It’s a sacrifice but one given selflessly.  


  • Encouragement – Praises for good work, help in rough times, a listening ear and a good shoulder are common to these families too. No wonder they can get through any challenges they face!


  • Stability – One of the best ways they achieve stability is to have certain traditions they can count on to. It could be a yearly holiday to an old hometown or eating together every Christmas Eve or raking leaves every mid-autumn. Whatever it is, the important thing is to be together. These traditions flow through the years and it becomes a routine; it gives a sense of continuity and an ongoing history. These sharing will form a foundation of the family’s views and will surely be passed on to future generations.


Lee Iacocca, an eminent businessman and writer, once said: “The only rock I know that stays steady, the only institution I know that works is the family.” So strive to make your family a happy one.