Communication Skills for a Better Professional Life

Communication Skills for a Better Professional Life



Each one of us, irrespective of our professions, have heard and even used phrases such as, “ If only you spoke out” or “ Why didn’t you make yourself clear”, very often at our workplace. These phrases are used only when there is lack of proper communication. Lack of effective communication professionally, can cause a great deal of stress and misunderstandings which could even cause your business to founder. Good communication skills and the ability to impart clear and concise information and instructions are very vital for a successful workplace. Whether you are dealing with your superiors or your subordinates and colleagues, it is your communication skill which is the key to a successful performance at your workplace.


Professor Stephen Hawking of Cambridge University once said that, “the world’s problem could be solved if we kept talking”. This statement can be applied to both our personal as well as professional lives. Here are a few tips to foster effective communication professionally.


  • Albert Einstein once said “The important thing is not to stop questioning”. It is very important that you ask all your doubts without being too offensive or nagging.


  • You must always respect the form of communication that others choose, whether it is through the Internet or otherwise. Use the right words which convey your message clearly with due respect to other’s opinions.


  • Avoid sarcasm, flirting or hurtful humor and help your co-workers when they make mistakes.


  • Keep records of all important decisions, including those taken over the phone.


  • Be generous with ‘sorry’ and ‘thank you’.


  • Avoid making personal remarks and getting too close to your co-workers.


Regardless of your profession or your goals in life, remember the better you communicate, greater will be your achievements.