Conquering Obesity Begins with a Positive Mind Set

Conquering Obesity Begins with a Positive Mind Set



Three pillars hold up the most effective and sustainable fight against obesity.  You’re probably familiar with the first two tenets of weight loss; proper nutrition and regular physical activity or exercise.  I’ve devoted separate articles to discuss key points in making those two pillars work for you.


However, it is the third pillar that holds the whole endeavor together.  You need a positive mind set to sustain your strength and your will for the long haul.  The right perspective provides positive reinforcement as you hurdle past mental and physical roadblocks toward good nutrition and exercise.


What IS the proper mind set?  To answer this question, do a web chart of your answers to the question of why you want to lose weight.  If you keep on driving WHY behind each answer that has to do with tight pants or an upcoming reunion, you may arrive at reflections on taking care of your health and being fit enough to see your other goals in life through.


Don’t anchor your battle against obesity on something transient or superficial.  The challenges of the mission ahead will demand more of you.  If you target a magic number on the scale, what will you do once you reach it?  If you’re losing weight for a wedding two months away, what will change for you after then?


Instead of limiting your view to the weight you need to lose, focus on what you gain by eating sensibly and exercising regularly.  Ground your efforts on the value of your health.  Go beyond aiming for an ideal weight or size, and strive for physical fitness.  


As you monitor your nutrition and continue to work-out, appreciate the expanding list of things you’ll soon be doing better, or maybe even things you weren’t able to do before.  Developing endurance can turn you into a valuable asset to your team.  Fitting into an old pair of jeans is great, but being able to play with your children and run alongside them is priceless!  


A fringe benefit of the three pronged approach against obesity is the natural energy that exudes from taking care of your self.  By being patient and seeing it all as a lifestyle change instead of some program, you begin to notice the physical improvements and those within you as well.  Looking good, feeling great, being able to do more and enjoying sound health. Isn’t all of that so much more to look forward to, than just losing 10 pounds in two months?