Cool It! Tips on Effectively Controlling your Anger

“Cool It! Tips on Effectively Controlling your Anger”



During the times when you think that your day just could not get any worse, but it does, do you feel like you are about to reach your boiling point? What do you usually do to release your tension? Anger is but a normal part of the human emotion. However, different people deal with anger in different ways, which is why it is necessary to determine whether you have anger management problems.


Anger which gets out of control can easily turn into a full-fledged rage, which could have very unpleasant results. The people around you, your work and your lifestyle in general can get affected if you do not learn how to curb any excessive energy resulting from anger.


If you feel like you have the tendency to be easily annoyed over little things, but you do not want to be a slave to this very powerful emotion, then take a look at these tips on how you can keep your cool - and learn to understand, control and better manage your anger:


  • Analyze where all your pent-up rage is coming from.

Be it from a bad experience in your past, or a mere annoyance over a certain behavior or a particular person, remember that you need to determine the cause of your anger. By understanding where the emotion is coming from, you can be more level-headed when facing similar circumstances to have a better grasp of your emotions and learn how to overcome this often aggressive feeling.


  • Think of ways on how you can positively release your tension.

Think of an angry mother cat who will physically hurt or lash out on a human being who she feels is threatening her litter of kittens. Physically releasing your anger is normal, but unlike animals, humans have the ability to control their own destructive instincts by thinking levelly.


Whenever you feel a rage coming on, you can first express your anger, then suppress any emotion which may prove harmful to others by calming yourself. This is not saying that you should not express your anger and just keep it inside of you – this is also unhealthy. You just need to find an outlet which is not harmful to yourself and to others, think of other ways to release the tension, and learn how to calm yourself in the process.


Life in general may not be easy, and there is always something or someone that will put frown lines on your face and cause you to be angry. In such cases, just remember that it is okay to feel angry. However, if you will just let your emotions like anger take control of your life, you will end up unhappy, easily irritable and you will not succeed in your relationships with other people.  You may not be able to completely change a person or a situation, but what you can change is the way that you deal with your problems by learning how to react positively and not let anger get the better of you.