Creating an Aura of Confidence First Impression at Job Interview

Creating an Aura of Confidence: Your Great First Impression at a Job Interview



Get real, one day you won’t be the same 12-year-old whose only concerns involve not missing the bus and passing Algebra. One day, you’ll wake up and realize you need to land a job to pay the bills and support the independent “you”.


When you come to realize this, you will need all the preparation you can get to be able to convince your future employer that you are indeed the best there is for the job. So how do you do this?


It is no easy feat but there are specifics on exuding that aura of competence and confidence…and here’s what I’m talking about…


  • Have that “look”. Don’t raise your eyebrows yet, you don’t have to get all red-carpet glamorous. Just be presentable. This means to not show up looking sloppy or untidy. The company you will be working for would like to see that you are somebody who will best represent them in front of important clients or customers.


For the professional look, ditch those jeans for slacks or a skirt in a conservative color and design. Wear light, natural make-up and limit the jewelry to earrings and a watch. Just be sure that whatever you wear, they are well-fitting and comfortable.


  • Be the “looker” with the brains to match. Nope, no need for a Harvard diploma, all you will have to do is a wee bit of company search courtesy of the World Wide Web. With a click, you will find all the basic details of your future company, including what they do and what they might be expecting of you. Take note of these facts. They might come in handy during the interview. Imagine the interviewer’s horror if you turn out not knowing a thing about the job or company you are applying for… no amount of “confidence” can make up for your “ignorance”.


  • Done with the “brains”? Now do the body… the body language that is. Posture speaks a lot about you. Slouching would make you appear too relaxed or even lazy, like you’re not trying hard enough. So keep your back straight, chin up, chest out and stomach in. Familiar enough? I’m sure you’ve heard those quotes plenty of times. But yes, they do work. Sit properly and stop making any unnecessary movement. They know you’re supposed to be nervous, no need to make them too aware of that fact.


There you have it. Those were just the basic steps to making a great first impression. When you’re on the line for the next big job, you can never be too prepared. I hope you find those suggestions helpful in landing you that coveted job position! This just might be your big break! Have fun job-hunting!