Creative Visualization Imagining Your Success

Creative Visualization: Imagining Your Success



Originating from an eastern philosophy dating centuries ago, creative visualization has gradually emerged as a life-changing practice guaranteed by many to boost self-esteem, self-acceptance and their overall outlook in life.


What is creative visualization you ask? Simply said, it’s a form of imagery that makes use of positive thinking to enable a person to believe and affirm that life is indeed “positive”. Everything in the universe was created to support a person in achieving his/her higher purpose in life. It stems from the belief that the mind has the power to transform any concentrated thought you focus on into reality.


Like a “Barney episode”, it urges us to look into our child-like selves once more and imagine the great things we can accomplish, the greater version of ourselves through the magic of our imagination. Here’s how…


First, think of a focus. Something attainable and quite within reach like losing weight or getting a promotion. As you practice, you can venture on goals that are more difficult later on.


Find a little “sanctuary” of your own, any place that can give you the peace and quiet you will need in order to concentrate. Make certain there will be no distractions as you perform this exercise. When you’re ready, assume a position of comfort; some people find lying or sitting as most conducive, but you can explore which position would grant you more comfort and focus.


Breathe deeply and relax. Empty your mind and concentrate on your focus. Count slowly from 10-1.


Now, imagine the thing you want most to happen (your chosen focus), in exactly the way you would like it to occur. Think of as much detail as you can, gradually making the image as vivid in your thoughts as if it were really happening right there and then.


Afterwards, you must affirm the image you visualized in your mind. An affirmation can be said silently or aloud, whichever is stronger in impact to you. It is a statement of profound belief that what you imagined can truly become a reality. Make certain you avoid negative affirmations. Instead of saying “ I am not ugly and worthless” state that you are beautifully made and worthy of all the limitless opportunities this world has to offer.


The best time to do this would be late in the evening, before you go to bed, or upon waking up after a good night’s rest. At these times, your mind would be calm and relaxed. By improving your deepest attitudes towards life and towards yourself, you enhance your self-image, strengthen and improve relationships, and more importantly, you contribute to your physical wellness and mental health.


Our thoughts can be a weapon of destruction or our most loyal ally. Remember, they are but energies stored within, and when unleashed into positive forces, we change the balance of the energy surrounding us. By doing so, it naturally brings about changes in our surroundings in accordance with what we imagined.


Some people talk of imagination as something far-fetched and fantasized. Creative visualization talks of imagination as a thought away from reality.