Crystals For Healing

Crystals For Healing



Crystals, or metallic gems, have been used for ages as decorations, for style and even as a paper weight but it is not until now that they have discovered what it does best – for healing.


Crystals come in various shapes and sizes, in various colors and textures and each different kinds of crystals tell something about the holder and what method of healing would it do for them. By healing, it is not meant only for the physical base but for also mental, emotional and spiritual.

In order for the healing to become effective, there are several steps to follow. First is that one has to choose their own crystal. To choose one’s own crystal would depend upon the everyday kind of “sickness”, such as an emotional, spiritual or mental baggage, that one feels. Here is a sample list of crystals and what kind of “sicknesses” it would cure.

The clear quartz, or the wonder stone, protects the holder, energize them, help them with their studies and meditation and allows them to tune in to other dimensions, and see all the wonders of creation.

The citrine, or the Happiness and Abundance Stone, lightens a person’s life and brings them joy, abundance, cheer and hope.

The sodalite and the fluorite are called good grades stone. They enable the owner to develop their own mental abilities, sharpen their concentrations, built their IQ and understand difficult and abstract concepts.

The rose quartz or the good friends stone heals all the sorrows of the owner’s heart. As it heals, the owner learns to truly be friends with everybody else in the universe.

The amethyst, or the cool stone, soothes when the holder starts to feel a lump in his throat or butterflies in his stomach. It has a claming effect and cures insomnia and nervousness.

After learning some of the crystals and choosing what’s best to heal you, it is time for cleansing it and exposing it to the elements (fire, air, water, earth). Next is charging the crystal with one’s own thoughts. The last method to do is by programming the crystal through visualization with you own belief, desire and even expectation that the crystal is there to heal.

The mind then has a vital part in healing and it is only through the crystals that it is amplified. Once there is belief, then nature would take its place and all healing would ensue.