Curb Your Anger for a Better Disposition

“Curb Your Anger for a Better Disposition”



Removing the first letter of the word ‘danger’ will result to ‘anger’. This is quite significant in the sense that excessive anger can be harmful or dangerous to an individual. Anger is a normal - even healthy human emotion, given the right doses - but anything in excess is dangerous. If you dot not learn to channel your anger in a positive way, it may be harmful to other people as well as to your own personal well-being. Thus, you should learn how to control, release and manage your anger so that it will not result to unpleasant circumstances.


Different people have different ways of dealing with anger. This emotion becomes dangerous if you will let all your pent up rage take control of your actions and rule your entire life. To prevent this from happening, you need to curb your anger for a better overall disposition. Here are some tips on how you can channel your anger to yield positive results:


  • Remember that it is okay to express anger.

Your first instinct when you are hurt or angered is to lash out, either physically or verbally. This is a natural initial reaction, although releasing your rage does not necessarily mean that you need to hurt yourself, or other people in the process. Keeping your emotion to yourself can also have negative results, which is why it is important to have another outlet for your anger.


  • After expressing your anger, learn how to calm yourself and reflect on the reason why you blew up in the first place.

There are not-so-perfect days when even the most insignificant things can cause your temper to boil. When you find yourself getting angry over something so trivial, ask yourself if it is really such a big deal. Once you recover from your anger, you will realize that getting worked up over the situation is not even worth it in the first place. It is good practice to take deep, calming breaths before saying or doing something that you might regret in the midst of your outburst.


Failing to control your anger is an obstacle in living a happy and emotionally healthy life, and it also compromises your social relationships. Thus, you need to have a better grasp of your emotions by learning how to curb your anger, practice calming yourself and release all that negative energy into something more positive to have a better disposition in life.