De-clutter Your Space

De-clutter Your Space!



Dealing with clutter around the house, no matter how big your living space is, is a fact of life. Inevitably, we gather more and more of it, but it still comes as a shock when we finally notice how many things we’ve accumulated over the years. How is it that we amass so many material things?


Maybe you’re hanging onto things for sentimental reasons. They could be old childhood toys, knickknacks from places you’ve visited, old movie tickets or passes to sporting events, or they could even be gifts from people you care about, regardless of whether or not you actually like the items.


Another reason for the growth of clutter is sheer laziness. Your house could be practically packed to bursting, but as long as there’s a place where you can simply stuff your things, then you might think you’re still doing pretty well. You might also have a tendency to keep things that no longer work, usually because you don’t really know where to bring them.

Probably one of the biggest clutter culprits is shopping. Let’s face it, people often buy things they don’t really need. Even if you’re not a compulsive shopper, the volume of things you own will grow over time.


Now that you know where all that clutter came from, here are some tips to help you clear your space—and keep it from filling up again.


  • Sit down with your stuff. Set aside one weekend to clean out your storage spaces. It’s the best time to do that, since you’re free from work and have all the time to get organized. You might feel like you’re wasting a weekend cooped up inside your house, but it’ll be all worth it when you’re done!


  • Look at your things with a cool dispassionate eye. You don’t really need that plane ticket, all those museum flyers, and that restaurant napkin to remember your vacations. Simply pick the most valuable souvenirs you have and stick to them.


  • If you don’t use it, dispose of it. Take clothes, for example. You might have a lot of old clothes and even outfits you’ve never worn tucked away in your closet and hope you’ll be able to squeeze into them someday. If you haven’t used an item for a year, or even remembered it during that time, you can guiltlessly get rid of it.


  • All broken items must go. Unless there’s a way to save it and it’s still something you could use, pack it away. People sometimes tend to hang onto electronic items even when they no longer work. The best way to handle them is to take them to a recycling center. Some parts can still be saved and used in other items. Not only will you be clearing out your home, but you’ll also keep electronic waste away from the landfills.


  • Control your shopping urges. Next time you go to a store, stick to your shopping list and remember how good it is to be clutter-free. If that doesn’t work, just recall how hard your clean-up project was. You don’t want all that hard work to go to waste, do you?


Living clutter-free can be hard to achieve, but all it takes is a little extra discipline. Give these tips a try and give your house—and yourself—some room to breathe!