Dealing with Difficult Office mates

Dealing with Difficult Officemates


More often than not, every employee will always have his or her own share of hard to deal with officemates.  They may exist in a lot of form such as bullies, tattletales, grapevines, traitors, etc.  


The presence of jerks in your workplace does not give you an excuse to perform poorly.  Instead of making yourself become distracted by the resident office jerks, you should channel your negative feelings towards them to something productive and beneficial.  Treat their presence and existence as a positve challenge for you to attain your goal.

Don’t let yourself be affected too much by the office jerks because it will not do you good.  Just ignore them and concentrate in making your performance at work more efficient.


How to Act If Your Boss Is One Of The “Office Jerks”

You may think that it’s already the end of the world if your boss is one the office jerks.  There may be times when you already want to quit the job or you wish to be transferred to another branch, department, etc.

Although thinking of escaping may seem to be the easiest solution that comes up in your mind, it doesn’t mean that it is the best solution.  If you escape or try to get away from your boss, people might have an impression that you are a loser or you are weak.  For sure, you don’t want to form that kind of impression to other people, right?

Well, for you to emerge a winner in this situation that seems to be hopeless, the simplest thing that you should do is to not become too personal.  Don’t let your annoyance, insecurities and fear hinder you from doing your work properly.  Learn to be strong and self-sufficient; make your internal locus of control than your external locus of control so that you can have a greater grip when difficult and awkward situations arise.


Keep Your Sense of Humor

When you are in a situation wherein you feel that you will already burst in anger or exasperation, your sense of humor will be the one that will keep you sane and calm.  No matter what happens, you can always grab on to the relieving effect of your sense of humor.  


As they say, laughter is the best medicine, and in this case, laughter is the best cure for your stress and anxiety.   Don’t take too seriously the criticisms and other negative things that office jerks throw at you because that will only lead you to your own demise.  Take everything positively and always remember to take a deep breath and smile every once in a while.