Defining Will Power, Self-Discipline and Success

Defining Will Power, Self-Discipline and Success



Will power is one’s ability to set his own course of action and his will to choose. This trait provides an individual a powerful boost to drive him to do the things he intends to accomplish. Being the driving force of self discipline, a person with the right will power determines his character as to how firm he is in focusing on what lies ahead.


A person with the right driving force and will power hurdles, whatever they are that may come his way. He sees to it that he has the ability to make the right decisions and then direct those decisions with perseverance until they are successfully accomplished. He has the inner strength and the desire to set aside sentiments, and the mental resistance to put his goals into action.


Self- discipline


Will power cannot move alone without self-discipline; these two go hand-in-hand. Self discipline provides the right attitude to persist and endows one the ability to stand up vis-à-vis adversities. His ability to push himself to attain his goals is fed by his will power, and his attitude towards how he puts these into action characterizes self-discipline.


Self-discipline also determines how a person makes decisions. It is but normal for an individual to decide on and choose what he thinks is best for him. Self discipline comes into play when a person manages to prioritize his goals. By being well-disciplined, he can easily push himself towards success.


Self discipline is also about acceptance. This means that a person must learn to accurately and consciously perceive reality. Most people often fail to accept their present situations and it is this that hinders one’s goal and will power to achieve something.




The success of a person is armed with two major qualities: will power and self discipline. If a person has these traits, then seeing him already accomplished is possible. Not all people are blessed with the right attitude to become successful; and some are only armed with the drive to become one but do not have the passion to get to where they want.