Develop Sense of Humor

How to Develop Your Sense of Humor



Having a good sense of humor can do many positive things to a person. It can make them more attractive and definitely more likeable. People who have good sense of humor have the natural ability to start and lead a good conversation.


A good sense of humor is not difficult to acquire. Everybody can develop their innate sense of humor to a level definitely admired by a lot of people. Here are good tips on how to improve yours.


1. Project a light, humorous air. Your view of things would count a lot. View the things happening around you as funny and comical. Find the good and positive side in everything, instead of always looking at the bad side.


2. Associate yourself with people who are fun and humorous. If you can’t seem to be amusing naturally all by your own, be with people who are. Some of their witty abilities will sure brush up on you.


3. Laugh at yourself. Who else will be a good subject of something funny but you? If you can laugh at yourself and the rather embarrassing things that you did, that means that you have enough confidence in yourself. And you are not afraid to make mistakes at all.


4. Read funny books and remember those good clean jokes. Select the ones that you can easily insert on any type of conversation. Collecting good jokes would give you something to use when the need to break the ice arises.


5. Apply humor in your everyday life. Humor can really lighten things up. Humor can be applied in your workplace, in a relationship, and in anywhere else. Humor has the ability to transform attitudes – from gloomy to lively and enthusiastic.


Humor eventually leads to a happy disposition. Humor adds more to an already healthy relationship. And it makes a miserable one relatively better.


Add humor to your life. That is all you need for a more zestful and rewarding existence. It does not only make you the fountain of happiness of your group. It could also improve your aura to become a better person yourself.


A good sense of humor is really a welcome addition to your already happy and fulfilled life. Improve your sense of humor now and see how many people will begin to like you better each day.