Developing Self Esteem and Confidence

Developing Self Esteem and Confidence


Why do some people have low self-esteem? Why do they linger in the background and melt when given the chance to speak up in front of a group of people? Why do they stutter when they are asked to say their piece?

Most often, people have low self-confidence because the thought that run through their heads is all about me, about self-exploration and about selfishness. This is the main reason why sometimes they get edgy, nervous and agitated.

To battle low self-confidence, here are some ways to nurture and develop self-esteem that would show not only who you are but would show your core and inner values as well.


  • Discover who you are. Find the root why you often feel the way you do. Is it because of a childhood trauma or some ghastly past experiences? After finding out the root, deal with it by facing this struggle. If necessary, seek professional help.


  • Figure out the things that you can and can’t control. Change the things that you can control and just accept the thing you can’t control.


  • Find responsibility in your actions. Developing self-confidence means that you are responsible for your own happiness, and therefore, it is up to you to decide if you want to be happy doing this activity or not.


  • Turn all the anxieties that you have into positive reinforcement. If possible, write down all the anxieties that you have on a piece of paper, for 30 days. Tensions and anxieties are usually released when being written down on a piece of paper, and then just let it go.


  • Keep in mind that mistakes are opportunities in disguise. Always remember that mistakes are just an opportunity to do good, and to make you realize that this is something that never should have happened. Mistakes are just there to remind us of the things that we need to change.


  • Spend some time with people who influence you greatly, and who always bring a positive cheer to the environment. That way, this positive feedback will rub off on you.


  • Don’t be afraid to make mistakes and keep on being a risk-taker.


  • Do something that is out of your league, and do something that is extraordinary. Learn a hobby. Do an activity that you don’t normally do – cook, write, draw, paint, sing or even dance.


  • Filter out from your mind messages that might ruin your self-esteem. Only hear words of encouragement and reinforcement.