Does HGH Work for Increasing Metabolic Rate

Does HGH Work for Increasing Metabolic Rate?



Human growth Hormone or HGH is a natural substance secreted by the pituitary glands. Decreasing with age, HGH containing drugs work to raise the declining levels of natural HGH in the body and helps in weight loss. Injected HGH can stimulate growth, increase metabolic rate and have other properties. It is recommended that HGH must be taken only under doctors’ supervision and prescription.


Normally after we eat, our pancreas releases adequate amount of insulin to turn carbohydrates into glucose. Our body then stores this glucose in fat cells and uses them for energy production. The external HGH supply prevents this insulin from storing the glucose in the cells, therefore forcing the body to burn the fat for energy production.  


Since HGH forces the body to burn the fat for energy, this means that the body will lose weight even during the period when it is inactive. Thus, you can burn fat and lose weight even when you are sleeping. What is more, HGH allows you to eat large amounts of food, without having to worry about putting on those extra pounds.


Another benefit for HGH is that it results in increased energy levels and a greater level of metabolism. The natural form of HGH is what allows children’s energy level to be at such a high. Thus, in using HGH as a drug in adults, you can feel the same amount of energy levels as in youth. An increased rate of metabolism means an increased amount of fat loss. In fact, HGH can help you lose fat, without having to do any exercise.


The other benefit of HGH is that it helps the body to grow new muscle cells, which would stop normally stop after reaching puberty. Adults normally would have to do weight training exercises to increase the size of these muscle cells; but the number never grows.


HGH on the other hand, helps in the growth of new muscle cells; this means the person has to do less weight training exercises to increase the density of these muscle cells.  HGH not only helps in the development of muscle density, it also helps in the development of muscle definition, resulting in the body getting in better shape.


While the side effects of using HGH are minimal and rare, it is to be note that HGH can increase strength, promote healthy weight gain and promotes fat loss.  


There are many doctors and health care professionals who are starting to believe that HGH may be one of the most efficient weight and body fat control methods. A number of clinical trials have proved repeatedly that HGH supplementation has provided remarkable results to weight loss.


The other finding about the connection between HGH and weight loss was that HGH was responsible in reducing the deep abdominal fat which would otherwise be extremely difficult to lose. This fat content is often related to an increased risk of heart attack.