Don’t Just Dream

Don't Just Dream!



In this article, I am going to share with you the biggest mistake most people fall into while pursuing their dreams.


It is like seeking for success the hard way.


This mistake has a high impact on your chances to succeed and reach your dreams.


Most people start taking action towards their dreams by setting intermediate goals, developing a plan, identifying the roadblocks, etc. But the single most important thing that most people overlook is their own self.


They overlook the qualities of the person that they should become when they achieve their dreams.


In other words, people tend to ONLY dream, but forget to be the person who deserves that dream.


As beautifully stated in this quote:


"Don’t dream it be it" – Rocky Horror Picture Show.


It is the ‘being’ that matters. Your mind can't differentiate between your thoughts and your reality. If you keep on being the same person as you are right now, then you will keep on repelling all the opportunities that can get you closer to your dreams. And you will remain in your current position.


For your life to change, YOU must change.


Don't ever expect that you can reach your dreams with the same personality as it is right now. This is absolutely impossible.


You must be, before you have.


How would the person you want to be think, act, dress, eat, play, socialize, work, behave, feel, etc.?


Act as if you are the hero of your ideal life.


Don't dream it, be it.


Live in this moment and work on yourself to become the person you want to be. When you live your dreams right now, you will attract them faster than you ever thought possible.


State the qualities of the person you want to become, then put a plan of action to cultivate those qualities and develop the habits that will transform you to the hero of your own destiny.


Live your dream in your mind before you are able to see it in your reality.


Being comes first!