Eliminate Bad Habits

How to Eliminate Bad Habits and Live a Fuller Life



Some people have bad habits they can’t easily break. Bad habits like smoking, drinking too much, and gambling are things that could hinder advancement and self-growth.


Do you want to break free of your bad habit? Do you want to live fully and effectively without unnecessary baggage? Then read the tips below to get rid of any bad habits that could be lurking inside you.


1. Decide to quit, and make it firm. The decision should come from you - from deep within you. It should not be because somebody told you so. It should be because you wanted it to happen.


2. Make a plan and stick to it. You won’t break a habit just by your convictions alone. Something has to be done. Make a list of things that you should do instead of giving in to your habit. Devise a plan of attack as to how you intend to break your habit. Think of this step as if you’re making a new year’s resolution.


3. Take away all the physical things that could remind you of your habit. This could be your favorite ashtray or your favorite wine goblet. No matter what it is and no matter how precious it may seem, if it reminds you of your bad habit, it has to go.


4. Ask the support of your family and friends. You are going to fail if the closest people in your life are not behind you in this endeavor. Your friend has to be fully informed that you intend to break free from your habit.


5. Get some professional help. There are times that eliminating bad habits by yourself could be hard to achieve. When you feel that way, consider calling up the hotline of a professional organization that can help you the most in the psychological, physical, and emotional aspects.


6. Keep focused. Do not falter in your conviction to change. If you encounter disappointments and defeats, you still have to push forward. Lapses are normal, but it should not be an excuse to go back to the bad habit that you have always wanted to get rid of.


Do not tolerate your bad habits. Get rid of them and sanitize yourself. Anyway, these are all for your own good.