Eliminate Procrastination Now

Eliminate Procrastination, Now!



We have all heard the adage, “We all get the same 24 hours,” and still wonder how some people are able to get so much done in so little time. Or, we gawk at others’ ability to stay motivated and compelled to finish their jobs ahead of time.


For many of us, the problem is that we far too often push away doing our responsibilities until the last minute, and then scramble like startled rabbits towards completing these jobs on time. Unfortunately, rushed duties done just like how startled rabbits would – helter-skelter unpredictable.


Well at least your are here with me today contemplating how we can change this, and that is a good sign. We all have to accept our weaknesses before we can work on them. And here is a great opportunity to do so.


First of all, we have to understand the causes and effects of procrastination. Procrastination, as a habit, is usually marked by feelings of being overwhelmed by a task or a duty. Right beside being plain lazy. Usually people put off doing their tasks because they feel like such large amounts of work would require a great deal of pain – and patience.


And, as a result of such, we usually come up with substandard jobs and large rings around our eyes from too many all-nighters. The body also suffers because it goes through an undue amount of stress since it is forced to work HARDER to accomplish less! That is the result of poor project execution.


Well, in any case, we can work to make procrastination less desirable by following a few golden tips. And here they are in no respective order.


  • Chop your Duties into Very Manageable Bites. To avoid feeling overwhelmed by any task, subdivide it into tiny manageable bits. This helps in great number of ways.


First, it helps you organize your job better. And better organization results in better planning and execution. Secondly, it makes it easier for you to visualize and perform a task. It no longer seems like a monster of a problem – it’s now a baby monster – a lot more manageable.


Thirdly, it gives you a measure of success whenever you finish a module. You kind of feel satisfied knowing that your job is going somewhere and that you have accomplished something major.


  • Keep an Organizer. An organizer is like your mom constantly reminding you to wash behind your ears. It’s annoying but it has to be had. And, so, no matter how irritating it may be, keeping an organizer may be the best fix for procrastination.


With your organizer you can jot down notes, keep track of obligations, task statuses and important dates. Moreover, you get to write down ideas that can speed up the completion of your tasks. It also helps you keep track of what truly is important and relevant.


  • Fight the Urge to Lay Back and Do Nothing. When you feel like doing nothing, talk to yourself. Tell yourself that you shouldn’t be doing this and that you have stuff to attend to. Procrastination is a habit. And habits take time to unlearn.


You will have to work one step at a time. It all starts with that one time you got off the couch to work on something. Keep on doing this for about 30 times, and you will have developed a new habit. One that makes you gets up to do something the moment the opportunity presents itself.




These few tips are an excellent start for you to get rid of the procrastination blues. Here’s to your unlearning this truly unproductive habit and learning the art of hard work and motivation.