Eliminating Addiction with Self-Help Tapes

Eliminating Addiction with Self-Help Tapes



Self-improvement tapes help you achieve your goal by cutting through the detailed instructions. Audio support can make a difference when you have limited resources and do not have the time for lengthy therapy sessions. Included are some audio titles and its features on how it could help you along the way.


Hypnosis is an amazing tool for self-help. It is a tool where you allow yourself to sink into an easy trance and meditation, starting from hypnosis and guided imagery. This self-esteem hypnosis tape helps you gain control over your life and health in an effortless way. You just sit back and allow the guided imagery to lead you to a healthy life and general self-esteem.


This self-esteem hypnosis tape is a safe way to aid you in the attainment of your goal by inducing a trance state. To be effective, it should be used at least a couple of times a day. It is important to find a quiet and secure place to listen to this hypnosis tape. It is not effective if used driving a car. It works best in complete isolation.


Pets often find trance-inducing tools such as this self-help tape intriguing and they can be a cause of distraction. So, make sure they are out of the room before listening. Keep the room semi-dark to experience deep trance. Do not work hard at “doing it right.” All you need to do is let yourself go and enjoy the meditation trance state that develops naturally.


The self-help CD entitled ATTAIN AND EXPERIENCE INNER PEACE WITH TOOLS FOR BALANCED LIVING is an example. “Tools For Balanced Living” is a Mindfulness Practice that guides you toward personal insight, body awareness, yoga postures, and meditation.


The Sedona Method will show you how to tap your natural ability to let go of any unwanted thought or feeling on the spot even when you are right in the middle of life’s greatest challenges.


This will free you quickly and easily have all that you want including the following: unshakable inner security, more money, better relationships, radiant health and well being, more effective goal achievement, break bad habits and other self-sabotaging behaviors, lose weight, stop smoking, and sleep better.


THE FEAR AND DO IT ANYWAY and HOW TO TURN YOUR FEAR AND INDECISION INTO CONFIDENCE AND ACTION are both by Susan Jeffers. OUR OWN HANDS - A BOOK OF SELF-HELP THERAPY by Sheila Ernst and Lucy Goodison describes all kinds of therapies, from bodywork to psychoanalytically-based therapies. These books show with sensitivity and clarity how to use those techniques which can actually free and help you. These provide exercises to use in difficult situations.


Meditation and self-help audios are highly effective aids in your plan to induce self-esteem successfully. A good dietary program, exercise, and acupuncture will make your self-help program permanent over time. All you need is to assess the problems you need to focus on first.


All these tapes do have good results but you have to find the right one for you. Go ahead and choose the right material for you, you are on your way to self-help success.