Eliminating Bad Habits

Eliminating Bad Habits



What is addiction?  According to the Webster’s dictionary, addiction is the act of putting oneself to a habit.  Meaning, the person involved is being reliant on something to the point of eventual obsession.  Such habits are generally viewed as bad and harmful, since they can be uncontrollable at times.  


What is the cause of addiction?  Several addictions are rooted to sorrowful incidents encountered during childhood.  Research has shown that children who are prone to addiction are those who have undergone physical maltreatment, embarrassment, degradation and those who are neglected.  


Some of the bad habits most people are addicted to, are excess alcohol intake, drugs, smoking, gambling, sex and even food cravings.  Do you experience being addicted?  It is really a very difficult task of getting rid of something, especially when you’re used to it.  


Several misconceptions concerning bad habits or cravings rule over our society today.  People say that craving is awful and distressing.  They say that it oblige you live with it, to rule your life.  It’s difficult to resist because it won’t leave your side.  It will always tempt you to use it.  It will make you so hooked, such that in time, it becomes very difficult to eliminate.  


Do you believe in these fallacies?  Even if it says that it is irresistible, the truth is you can withstand it.  As time goes by, and as you continue resisting it, it will eventually pass.   Believe that you are able to overpower your urges.  


Some habits are considered not harmful.  But it is also true that anything in excess is bad.  Just like drinking alcohol.  You can drink occasionally, but if it causes you to drink everyday the effect it will bring you would be detrimental.  


The rehabilitation centers are always present.  However, you don’t want yourself to be stuck up in rehabs just to run away from vices right? The best thing to do is just don’t let your urges overpower you.  In simple terms, don’t let them lead you to addiction.  


Ways by Which Bad Habits Can Be Eliminated


You may think that you’re too weak to resist your urges.  This is not true.  Have faith in yourself.  Believe that you can fight them.  All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


Slow down, set back and delay.  When it attacks your brain, and it keeps on harassing you, slow down for a moment, think of other things.  Distract yourself so that it would not saturate your mind.


Divert your attention.  Flee away from such situations.  If your addiction is on cigarettes, don’t go to places where you will be invited and tempted to smoke.  Mingle with people who don’t smoke.  If it cannot be avoided, you may seek for alternatives.  A cup of coffee will do.  


Another good way is for you to make a list of substitutes.  Every time you feel tempted, just glance at your list to know what would be the best replacement.  If coffee is for cigarette, juice is a good substitute for beer.  Working out in a gym would best replace your urge for sex.     


Self-motivation is the best way by which you can fight your struggles.  Condition your mind and believe that you can make your way out of addiction.  If for instance your case is severe, seek an expert.  Consult a doctor and let him treat you.