Emotions, Wind & Motor Oil

Emotions, Wind & Motor Oil



Wind. Is it good or bad? Think about it. Well, wind is neither good nor bad. But put it in the middle of a scorching hot day and that wind will be much appreciated. Probably even desired. Conversely, stick a wind in the picture that's a 90 mph tornado and you'll run for your life fearing total destruction. Let's look at motor oil. Is it good or bad? Think about this one carefully. Your first reaction may be, "Of course it's good!" But if ingested by a person or an animal it would be poisonous. No, I'm not trying to be ridiculous. Just trying to make a point. With the example of the wind, the circumstance surrounding it determinesif the wind is good or bad. Likewise, with the motor oil, depending on how it’s used determines if it is good or bad. Emotions in and of themselves are not bad or good. The problem is the way we process our circumstances that affect our emotions. GOOD NEWS: We have control over this. Your emotional stability is just as subjective as the wind or motor oil. If we allow our circumstances throughout our lives to drag us down and keep us from living our potential, it's as if we are running on burnt oil in our internal engine. The longer we keep it in us, the more destructive it becomes to our system. Here are some easy and effective strategies to keep frustrations and set backs at bay: 

  • Don't complain. Sustain. Don't jump to your immediate knee-jerk response if something doesn't go your way. Stop. Wait. Understand there's a reason you didn't get what you wanted this time. You may not know the reason for days, months, or ever. But believe - there's a reason. 

  • Don't deliver judgment. Deliver Praise. It's easy to think we have all the answers, judging others who offer ideas and suggestions in our life. Do yourself a favor. Sit back and truly listen to them. Offer praise for the good information you can use and sincerely thank them for caring enough to share. You just may make a friend. 

  • Don't blow up. Breathe. I know a guy who gets extremely irritated and angry while driving. He allows himself to get so upset with other drivers. He yells and screams to the totally oblivious people sharing the road with him. He allows all these other people to have so much control over his emotions. 

Don't allow people to have this much control over you. When confronted with a situation that may send you through the roof, relax. Concentrate on breathing. Count to 10 slowly. 

Remember, it's not necessary to let others affect you. You will only become frustrated and emotional over something you cannot control in the first place.You are ultimately in control of your actions, beliefs and the way you process your thoughts. Take care of yourself because this control will be the result of your behavior.


Oh yeah. Don’t forget to change your oil. =)