Empty Eyes

Empty Eyes


Successful living is more than just muscling your influence upon others. There are others who will make a lot more influential decisions who you would not consider to be living successful lives.Do you remember the last time you were trying to give someone directions and they just looked at you with a blank stare?

Or how about the time you were asking someone to repeat something they told you the other day and you got the coldest gaze into nowhere.

You know you’re in trouble when you walk up and start having a conversation with someone you met recently and they are looking at you because they have no idea who you are and why you are talking to them.

That can be embarrassing for you and the person who forgot they met you.

What causes these “empty looks” or “empty eyes”? Well, it’s the same for all of the situations above.

But there is a different, deeper type of Empty Eyes that is out there haunting people.

You may know someone with the Empty Eyes Epidemic or you may be a sufferer.

In either case Empty Eyes can be caused by a missing piece of information, or missing peace can be the reason.

Don’t be caught up in missing peace in your life. Don’t be a victim of Empty Eyes.

There are steps that you can take to keep from getting Empty Eyes.

Below are a couple of steps that you can easily apply to keep away from Empty Eyes.

  • A.S.K.

Ask yourself what talents/possession you have that can help fulfill others’ lives.

Search deep within yourself to uncover what may have been hidden for years. There are things that each of us possess that are given to us which we can share with others.

Your possession might be writing, singing, listening, encouraging or any number of other helpful and uplifting assets you can access for making others feel valuable.

(Incidentally, if you are wondering how this will fill your empty eyes – try to give of yourself for 2 weeks and see if you don’t feel fulfilled. Yes that’s a challenge.)

Keep learning. Some of the most successful people are those who have dedicated themselves to reading, leading and feeding their minds.

If you want to fill your eyes with something positive and worthwhile, choose positive and worthwhile material to read. You may just become an expert in an area of your choosing.


So many things these days are competing for our eyes and attention. The idea here is to usually sell you something or at least get your mind so fixed on an idea or product that you associate a name with everyday life.

That’s what we do with your life. In and of itself there’s nothing wrong with this. The problem comes when you allow your eyes to have the attention of product and material that will leave your eyes and total being feeling empty.

Don’t buy into to the negative junk that will leave you empty. We have a good idea of what that is in our life. So take care of yourself and retreat from the empty-eye makers. . . and conquer.

You will do well to fill your eyes, head and life with things that result in the opposite of Empty Eyes. Try to gain a Full Faith – faith in life, faith in love, faith in people and yes… faith in yourself.